7 Weekly Outfit Ideas – Shein Spring 2022 Trends Try On Haul Part 2

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As you know, I have a capsule wardrobe of elevated classics with a twist. But when Spring rolls around, it’s time to break out the mini hemlines, put on softer tones, and crop every top haha. I absolutely love this time of year, because I believe it’s the most feminine time to express myself, yet still with elegance.

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It’s important to keep things interesting with a seasonal wardrobe to spice things up. Here are some key pieces to look out for in my spring capsule wardrobe that will turn these next three months into something you look forward to.

Get inspired with my seven weekly looks or copy the outfits altogether! I’ll be posting the continuation of this SHEIN spring 2022 trends try on haul all week and look forward to helping you find something to wear every week with seven wonderful ensembles that can empower your appearance and give you an extra confidence boost.

Spring is known for being hot in the sun and cold in the shade, so it’s all about having transitionwear with key pieces to stay warm, but still acknowledge the blooming of all things adventure again! The sun is here so it’s time to play.

Check out all the latest spring 2022 trends in this haul I created last year that still apply versus what to get rid of. I’m not here to tell you to spend all your money on the latest new thing. In fact, I’m here to tell you how to mix up what you already have and save money!

Being responsible with your future is just as sexy as the latest spring 2022 trends. Here, I revived the video I never posted, because I wasn’t exactly consistent with Youtube and fashion at the time. However, now I’m realizing what I love and sharing you some spring style.

I know you can tell how much I’ve grown and updated my equipment since then, so bear with me when it comes to the 720p, and my modeling skills haha. We look back at all the little things, but as Victoria Beckham says, when she finds old photos of her exploring extreme trends, she’s proud because she was in a learning process that she grew from. I agree with her 100%.

For those of you who are new, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here ,and be sure to check out my feminine fashion posts here. Those of you who have been following me diligently on my journey, I appreciate you with a thousand thanks!

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