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Leggings, but make them interesting. These are absolutely skin tight if you’re looking to wear a second skin legging. I wasn’t sure initially if these were for me with the v-cut waistline, but my love for flares and flattering trousers overpower all.

I liked these over another pair of flares I saw at the Aerie store and website. I made it a point to visit the store in person to see how the flares fit and the different measurements of flares in person, because the other pair look much more exaggerated. I’m not into extreme trends, because they become outdated faster. So I stuck with these smaller tread flares.

Denim Shorts

I’m not a huge fan of cutoff denim shorts, because they immediately are too casual and just not my style. I prefer more tailored, clean cut hems. However, they were the whole reason for this haul and I thought I’d try them out. Denim cutoffs, no matter, are so classic and quintessential American. I live in Los Angeles. This is my birthright haha.

These fit quite large — a size up to be exact. I could hold them an inch or a bit more over my body. They are also a bit longer than your average booty short, so I’m truly a fan of these! I like being able to not have to worry about constantly pulling my shorts down when about to sit. They’re modest in their odd way.

The material is lightweight, has a stretchy band, and really comfortable to move around in! Perfect for spring and summer adventures with your friends, and college parties if that’s your scene. I honestly have no idea what young people do these days haha. Hang out and watch Netflix at your friends house? Please comment the truth below hahaha.

Lounge Shorts

I completely forgot there were other colours when it came to these shorts. They’re what I want to live my life in, even though I know I have to be seen out in public. Though, I’m able to do so here in Los Angeles, I’m still going to put the extra effort in to dress up. These are definitely passable though for a pilates class, barre class, yoga class, and beach day.

I want to get the periwinkle / fresh water blue tone in multiple sets, because I’m not kidding about living in them and using the heck out of them at home when tending to the garden, doing errands around the house, and when sitting at home working on my computer during the warmer months. I can see myself prancing around in roller skates at the park with these and a huge sun hat.

Tennis Skorts

These are extremely breathable, sexy, fun, and you can live your life full of adventure in this! Even if it’s not necessarily on the tennis court. I love the white personally, because it goes with everything else in my closet (pastel tops, yes!). And if you’re chasing a puppy through the park, you don’t have to worry about your underwear showing.

I’d wear these on a day date, a play date, and lying in park with some SPF. Even to a theme or some brunch and shopping with girlfriends. Aren’t you obsessed? The look is back and better than ever. I’m living for the skort, slit, and pleats. As a petite standing at 5’2.5″, these are just short enough, but with a pair of shorts underneath, even if you’re tall you’re safe. It will just make you look extra leggy.

Flip Flops

I have zero idea why I didn’t add these into this haul. I swear I filmed it, but then realized I included them in the “Spring shoe essentials” video, so stay tuned for that! Don’t forget to subscribe to Gia TV here to stay updated and click the bell for more.

I’ve been dying for a new pair of Havaianas, since I ordered some wild pink ones on Revolve (with free 2 day shipping) last year and used the heck out of them. I use them for EVERYTHING. Not even the beach haha. Just everything else around the house, laundry, throwing the trash, driving someone to the hospital last minute. They’re definitely a life essential shoe that is there when you need them.

Tops featured in this haul

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