7 Refreshing Rules On How To Look Classy & Expensive On A Budget!

Hi Femme Founders!

Aside from your bills, with your partner helping you out, you’re taking care of your business expenses. Your ad spend. The latest digital subscription that can take your enterprise to the next level.

But you want to also go shopping! 😩

The first 3-6 months in my business, I remember distinctly forfeiting shopping, because I was so motivated by it. Then, my business was starting to do okay and I had some time to think about shopping. I already dress up at home as it is to level up my productivity. And just to feel beautiful when I’m alone and chugging this business train away on my computer.

But I wanted to feel especially glamorous for myself. I wanted to do something special that I used to do all the time. And that was proper online shopping.

Now that I’m putting pretty much most of my money into my business (even when I make a profit, I throw it back into the hole of investing in it), I’m sticking to a budget.

Read this to learn exactly How To Get All Of The Shopping You Want Out Of Your System And Still Budget!

You’re trying to get all you want out of life and level up your all around self development. But a budget is in the way and you want to excel in your elegance suite of a wardrobe and want to look like the classy Femme Founder you are.

I found the Vision Defines blog on Pinterest and wanted to share this self growth genius with you! I think looking elegant and classy definitely goes hand-in-hand, but classy is more of a lifestyle. Elegance is an appearance and lifestyle in my definition.

But looking expensive is a whole other thing. There are people out there who are worth tons of money but don’t necessarily look like it. For instance, Kim Kardashian is one of my favorite celebrities, because she knows how to capitalize as a business woman and stay relevant. Mostly thanks to Kris Jenner AKA my heroine.

Kim doesn’t always look classy though. You can show up in a neon lime Lamborghini and step out in literally an all-patent plastic outfit, which I think is weird, because being able to not sweat is one of my goals when I go out lol. And especially if people are going to take an insane amount of photos.

Then there’s Warren Buffett who pays about zero point something percent in tax and wears a Tweety Bird button down shirt.


People have more cents than sense. You can have all the money in the world with no taste. I get it if you’re Kim K. and trying to break barriers for trends and starting something new and cool. But if you don’t give a care in the world like Warren Buffett, it’s time to change things up, because you need to have respect for yourself.

I am more likely to talk to a woman in a power suit than a woman in ripped jeans / workout leggings at a party. OMG no. I don’t care how much money you have. Present yourself appropriately. Value what you put on your body!

It’s not fair and that’s okay. Here are some swell tips to get away with a budget and look expensive and classy simultaneously with that touch of elegance to sweep you off your own feet.

I love how in the post she mentions not to wear white if you’re on a budget. Because 1. It’s difficult to clean if you’re using such a tone that is difficult and costs more time and money to remove stains. 2. It also is more challenging to find a good quality fabric that is white on a budget.

Hope this post helps and that you enjoy it as much as I did!

What are some ways you’re levelling up your wardrobe? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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