7 Holiday Tips To Avoid Weight Gain

1. Stick with your healthy habits during the week

Stay as close as possible to what you normally eat. It’s really easy to start going ham when your family and friends enter your home a few days earlier to stay over and start partying with extravagant foods. I said “stay as close”, because I know you’re going to want to indulge and that’s okay! Just keep it in moderation and balance the way you eat, by doing what suits you best during regular days.

2. Lay off the booze

Staying away from alcohol for as long as possible really helps. Alcohol is really just empty sugar calories. Ever seen a guy look pregnant? Beer gut is a symptom of what you just read. You feel really full for all the wrong reasons without even having eaten properly. Put off drinks for as long as you can at holiday parties, and don’t drink on the weekdays. Simple!

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3. Select a smaller plate for luxurious holiday dishes

Watch your portions. If there is something you’re dying to eat, go for it! If you want to try something for the first time, take a small piece first to decide if you like it. Then if you do, take small portions little by little. Not seeing it on your plate makes it easier to not want more if you think you do. Where if you see a large portion on your plate, you will not want to insult the cook, or try to avoid wasting (hopefully). Start small and stick to it.

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4. Eat only the foods you love

Marie Antoinette was known for only eating dessert if it was extraordinary. If you find yourself managing through an extra piece of some dish you weren’t exactly fond of, don’t push yourself. You will just regret it in the end. Ask around if someone would like to share it with you or put the rest in the fridge for later!

5. Make your friends get active with you

Be the one to initiate all the ways to get moving. This can mean taking a walk outside, a hike if there is some fabulous nature nearby, or even just hop on a sled in a snow and take turns pushing each other! You can also keep it simple and creative by helping clean up around the home and get ready for the next festivities. Just find a reason to be on your feet, carrying babies playing spaceship, and even chasing little ones around.

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6. Get enough sleep

Your body truly needs time to rest. Without enough sleep, your body produces more of the hunger hormone aka ghrelin. This is because your body didn’t fully recharge properly, so it needs energy to keep going on what little fuel it has. You’re better at regulating your eating habits when you’ve had enough time to catch some Zs.

7. Bring your favourite healthy dish to parties

Sometimes you really have to take action. If you’re the only vegan one in the family, you might be the one who makes really extra delicious dishes nobody saw coming. Foods that people didn’t expect were healthy and helpful to everyone. Maybe your family and friends will be converted to your healthy habits! I personally have the opposite problem and need to add more sugar and butter to everything haha. Just make sure you have an option rather than forcing your loved ones to get on your agenda. Some people might not like that and it’s okay.

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