7 Easy Ways To Balance Family Life

I recently met my little friend Rowan for the first time who is now one year old. At first, I didn’t know how to react after waiting such a long time to meet him since the lockdown, but our first encounter was a tender one. Sort of. He blew kisses without me asking, climbed over me like a bulldozer, and made a ton of noise like a rockstar prepping the crowd for a show.

He was instantly lovable.

Now, my niece Lexi, who is 10 days apart from Rowan, has a little brother coming in September 2021 in the UK. And my dear friend Stephanie just gave birth in Rhode Island. June is a fruitful month!

It inspired me to create this post of change, stability, and consistency with one’s future. Here are 7 ways to balance life at home with the ones you love.

Always eat dinner together as a family as much as possible.

It’s really easy to take one of my Every Table meals into my office and scarf it down while on the computer. Focusing on my next project can wait, while the time with another human being is absolutely finite.

It was always a pet peeve of mine when a guy I dated paid more attention to the movie he was watching on the couch that he could pause, but I couldn’t be played. (Ha – see what I did there?)

If you can make dinner together, it’s even more fun to develop home making skills, imperative things to know for the children when they grow older on their own, and share what you can prepare when it comes to serving them. Everyone appreciates the dinner more.

Then you can practice mindfulness, listening to each other’s upcoming plans, dreams, and goals, and all the things you were grateful for that day.

Growing up my dad always said to go on a date and get to know them over dinner. Your family is your date!

Have a weekly movie night.

Movie night is not just a matter of lockdown. Having little ones crawling around that you’re constantly trying to wrangle is a full-time cowgirl of a job.

Get some use out of your streaming service and put it to good use by having anyone in the family take turns each week watching the movie they like. This routine is an easy one to keep up, because all it involves is relaxing.

Try to have one on one time daily.

Spending personal quality time doesn’t have to be anything major. It could be going to the grocery together, doing a puzzle, or simply sitting and chatting on the bed. It can even be right before bed when you have a few minutes to gather their thoughts and pay full attention.

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The psychological benefits are delicious for this one.

Interacting with a close social network—especially face-to-face communication, as opposed to digital—significantly reduces the occurrence of depression, anxiety, and other mental illness. Being physically present with loved ones creates a strong emotional support to buoy you up through life’s challenges

Highland Springs Clinic

Have a date night.

Nothing is more important than keeping a family together with the glue that started it all. The couple comes first before the children.

Children are known to be happier with parents who are separated but happy with their other partners. Divorce is expensive, yes. But if little ones see both sets of parents are happy, they thrive and do better than watching parents argue without reconciliation. Unhappy couples never reconcile, because they’re simply unhappy. And children realize the parents are only staying for them which makes them see that they’re the cause of the couple’s unhappiness.

For those who are still in love and in it together for the long haul, pay close, careful attention to the one you chose. You NEED to connect. And don’t miss out on a moment.

Take the kids to the family or whomever is available to watch them and make time for each other.

Try to set aside some time alone each day.

It’s wonderful to be alone. Keep it that way by finding a space in your schedule to zen out by yourself on your phone, sitting down to journal, or doing your hair or skincare. This is a tough one if you have a family who adores you and always wants your full attention, but it’s definitely do-able if you make it a priority.

Accept help.

If friends offer and are dead-in-love with your little ones, take it. If anyone offers anything just to make an excuse to spend time with your or help you out in any way, be sure to read the signs are real and thank them greatly later. Neighbors cooking a meal for you is always a huge hand in what you can do for your family, or even you as a single person.

It’s always a plus to connect with those around you. There’s a sense of honesty in helping another person out when they know they have a huge heart that benefits you too. It takes off a lot of stress and it’s greatly appreciated.

Do your best.

Every day is different and has its own challenges and stresses. It is important to realize your best changes. It is never going to be the same quality from when you wake up refreshed to when you are tired in the evening. If you do not end up having dinner together, or have one on one time do not beat your self up. The only thing we can do is try our best and be happy with that. 

Above is what we aim to do each day, some days we are not successful. Right now we are just concentrating on living day by day. Getting through the day today as best we can. We all have good days and bad. Balancing family time is hard but the most important point we do is to try our best each day.

What are some ways you’re balancing out family life at home while running a business or working? Even for you home makers with a side hustle, or full time housewives? What are ways you make things work at home with loved ones? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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