6 Pink Jackets To Add Colour To Your Winter Wardrobe

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It’s so hard to dress feminine and elegantly during the winter! Everyone wears black and dresses like a penguin with giant shapeless outerwear!😩

That’s ok. 🙂I got you.

Here is the ultimate fun colour to add with a little sophistication, comfort, and ease for the cold weather. In this video you’ll find some casual looks, more refined silhouettes, but all are warm and all things pink!

I just made this as a fun guide on easing into power dressing and statement-wear. I’m a huge fan of loud, vibrant colours and I think my personality is just as boisterous as my clothes at times haha. Showing your personality in the winter has gotten easier with these bright style ideas.

Here are the different pink winter jackets you need in life:

The Feather / Fur Trim Jacket

It’s on-trend. It’s fun and playful. It’s perfect to show off your personality during the most dreary time that people are using practical clothes to only stay warm and not look cute. It also adds a feminine, youthful flair that not everyone has.

Wearing this fabulous jacket and seeing another lady in something similar is like being Elle Woods and coming across another Delta! This jacket is that wink to the other feminine girlfriends who have all the inside jokes with.

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The Work-Smart-Not-Hard Pink Jacket

I originally used to call this jacket the “Hillary Clinton”, because I got it during the time after that election. Anyway, the colour of this jacket is some serious ability to be refined at a parent-teacher meeting, has a conservative look to smash a presentation, and maybe even meet the parents (depending on where you are in life).

Personally, I just use this bad baby to stay warm, because it’s so thick! It’s beautifully lined, I got it secondhand, and definitely feel like I can pretty much run the world in this classy piece. The contrast is so high and the colour is so bright that you can’t not mess up when it comes to standing out. You have to be your greatest self in this jacket!

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The Comfy Sherpa Jacket

This is the pink wonder sweeping the fashion world right now as it makes so much sense to! It’s warm, easy to move in, young, and lovable. When I originally got this jacket, I wore it every day for a week. I feel like a child when I wear it, because of the level of comfort.

But also, I can take on a lot of responsibility when wearing it, because it’s so warm and agreeable to maneuver around in when running errands, working on projects, and hands down cozy. I think it’s the snuggliest jacket I own and I could hug the world, lie in bed, and sit in my car for hours during long drives, because it is so pleasant! It’s almost a cute bath robe I can take anywhere.

Shop the sherpa look here!

The Long Blazer That Could Pass As A Coat

This fuchsia velvet jacket was originally a blazer dress, but I use it as a coat, because of my petite frame. It can go from casual to dressed up so easily. Tom Ford said he loves velvet, because it really captures the colour and it wears well in the evening. I like how structured this piece is and it fits very well.

I got the original from Boohoo a couple years ago, but still tend to use it for dinners, cooler climate days when I’m running errands in the afternoon, and throw it over a gown. It feels like one of those classy pieces where I could whip out a glass of champagne and talk about travel at a gathering. It’s definitely a fashionable piece that the intellectual and the cool girl can wear.

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The Athletic Jacket

I love this style of jacket, because I live in Los Angeles and the passable style of athletic-chic is always in. It’s so casual here, and warm enough to not have to worry about dressing up (unless it’s a premiere or party of course). But it really is a thing to wear athleisure in LA. I personally don’t do it. I only wear workout clothes to the gym.

But it’s a super chic way to get around and a way of life, since a lot of us are constantly trying to get in shape, and we need to have cute exercise clothes on the go at hand always! Going to the gym is not an excuse for wearing ugly, ratty old shirts we double as pajamas sometimes. We have to be proud in what we wear or else we won’t feel inspired to be healthy!

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The Casual Corduroy

It took me a while to find a jacket that I could do my hard projects in. The one I didn’t mind getting dirty, scuffed with lifting some wood, moving furniture, and working on house projects in. This is definitely that. The casual go-to for anything outdoors, or working hands.

I also like this as a decent, cover up and keep warm casual jacket for picking up groceries, and helping a friend move. Trucker hat not included. I really like corduroy, because it’s sturdy, makes my clothes look a little more elevated, but it’s still casual considering the style.

Shop the casual outdoorsy look here!

Stay Pink

I truly had so much fun making this video, and adding some colour into your winter life. It’s really tough standing out and being your cute regular self when leaves are literally changing around you, and everyone is just trying to be simply practical. That’s perfectly okay too!

But I want you to add these two cents to your wardrobe when it comes to your mental health during the colder season, and lift up your spirits. This is the ultimate time to express yourself! It’s when you see the most people you know or don’t know from all the get-togethers and parties.

It makes total sense for them to see the bright, beautiful, inspiring, colourful person you are. I wish you a warm and lovely holiday season to your, your family, and your friends. Stay warm and stay colourful!

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