5 No-Nonsense Tips To Manage Your Time And Energy

1. I have leaned further into my ‘non-negotiables’ 

How? Staying strict on bed time. (It’s the ripple effect for me.)

The workouts I do are usually around 8:15am. If I’m asleep the previous night at 12-1 am, I wake up naturally at 8-9 am. This gives me ample time in the morning to relax, drink coffee, and get preliminary work done – this way I’m rolling into this class hyper-present and non-resentful.

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Resentful of your workout? Yes.

What does all of this require? ^ Putting my phone down and listening to a podcast by 10:30 pm. Trust me, this ripple effect will help you set up that energy management.

2. I’ve said “no” when it’s necessary

Here are things to keep in mind when saying NO with confidence:

Respect your brand standards

Being picky about how you share your voice is not a bad thing, it just shows you have clear vision for your company + respect for your own audience.

Say no to this, free yourself up for that

By no means should you discount smaller opportunities or the need to practice your interview skills, but don’t bog yourself down with interview after interview if you’re not truly excited about them.This protects your energy so when the right offer comes along you can respond “I’M IN” with no hesitation. Plus, declining one invitation may give you that extra mental space you need to create something new, finish a project, or simply recharge- which we all need!

• Right idea, wrong time

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Maybe the calendar is just not working for you this month, or you have a feeling that this opportunity would be a better fit once the podcast/youtube channel/masterclass is a bit more developed. If it doesn’t feel right, right now, it doesn’t need to be a hard no.

With everything we have going on, I’m often booked out for at least a quarter so I simply ask to chat again in X months. In the same vein, if an outlet is new it gives them a chance to get their footing so I know we’re on the same page before committing to doing something together.

At the end of the day, you call the shots. Don’t guilt yourself into doing everything, just because you have CEO FOMO or feel like an opportunity won’t come around again.

3. Delegating tasks to my team

Unpopular opinion: “It’s faster if I do it myself” is true.


A. The knowledge is already in your head and doesn’t need explained to someone with a different knowledge level + learner profile.

B. You know the tiiiny tweaks to make that will take something from A- to A+++ (& won’t feel like a bugaboo in the process of asking them to make 6 rounds of edits)

BUT! That’s not feasible longterm and it will stifle your business’s growth.

So, how do we find a happy medium?

• Step 1: Do the task yourself first, establish a cadence, film it

• Step 2: Take no more than 20 minutes to train your team member on it

• Step 3: Answer questions in “5 minute meetings”

• Step 4: Create a firm deadline + a “review day” so this doesn’t feel like it has to take immediate precedence the moment your team member turns it in

• Step 5: Give your feedback over Loom, it will be more efficient for you

4. My daily rituals have been fine-tuned

I’m not shy about rolling into Zoom meetings like dis:

with two lunch boxes and my #MutlipleBeverage game (aka all the water, green smoothie and black coffee). The customers look at me like 🤨🤨🤨 but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

5. Finally, I’ve leaned on my community and “my people” because they always help me stay true to my purpose

It’s important to nurture those important relationships (even virtually!). I can’t tell you what a difference in my life & mental health you have all made. Just by being present, reaching out, and building a relationship.

What are some boundaries you’re keeping to help you manage your time and energy? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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