Pisces October 2022 Monthly Romance Horoscope

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Want their attention? Make it obvious! Heck, use a little

shock value if you must. Capitalize on the courage that arrives courtesy of the full moon in showstopping Aries. If you’re stuck in a comfortable groove, ignite magic by doing something unexpected. Surprise your sweetie with lunch, get a nail-art mani, post your creative work on social media (and @ your crush). What will get your pulse racing? Novelty releases a sexy rush of dopamine, which can wake up a stale vibe. Tandem skydiving isn’t for everyone…but if it’s your jam, now’s your moment to jump! A partner is optional during the Aries full moon, which resonates at the frequency of self-love. That, of course, is the base ingredient for any relationship, so no matter your status, shower yourself with adoration. With decadent Venus in Libra sitting across the table from this full moon, treat yourself to something luxurious, like a special talisman from an indie jeweler or takeout from your favorite restaurant. When you’re happy, everyone benefits. 

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How balanced is your perspective? Mercury returns to Libra, restoring harmony to fractured bonds. Did you judge someone’s idea too quickly last month, or write them off because you didn’t see eye to eye? Justifiable reasons notwithstanding, reconsider your hardline perspective over the next few weeks. Fair-minded Mercury in Libra reminds you that there are two sides to every coin. Even if you agree to disagree, can you hear someone else’s POV? That willingness alone can invite proactive dialogue (which Mercury in Libra lives for). From there, don’t be surprised if an unexpected solution emerges. Even if negotiations are time- consuming, a patient, peaceful approach will be the most effective.


Don’t jump the gun! With quickfire Mars battling illusion- spinning Neptune, you could rush into a situation that sounds a lot more promising than it actually is. Details may be purposely obscured or, thanks to Mars in fast-talking Gemini, you could get lured in by a slick sales pitch. A “user-friendly” person might butter you up to get what they want, then leave you hanging. On your end, make sure you can truly deliver before you commit to anything. If an offer sounds promising, give yourself a few days to run the numbers, consider the time involvement and weigh this all against your existing obligations. It feels great to be generous, but with sacrificial Neptune in Pisces, you could get pulled underwater trying to fix someone else’s problems. But the Mars-Neptune square can be healing, too. Today, you may finally gather the courage to bring up an important subject or reveal your buried brilliance! Prep yourself: Because of Mars’ upcoming retrograde, there will be three squares to Neptune in the coming months. You may consider and reconsider decisions a couple more times. As a result, some truths may not reveal themselves until early 2023!

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Is it lasting love—or just a magic moment? With cosmic charmer Venus touring Libra, feelings have ballooned to larger- than-life proportions. Maybe you became insta-BFFs with a fellow TikToker, or you’re falling head over Doc Martens for a pandemic pen pal turned situationship. Nothing wrong with catching feelings! But you’ll need to approach this from a more grounded perspective today. The reason? Pragmatic Saturn in Aquarius enters the picture and delivers a gentle (but unwavering) reality check to idealistic Venus. As the two dance into a cooperative trine, they’ll enjoy some parallel play, meaning you don’t have to chuck ALL romanticism out the window. Just slow it down a little, okay? Fun as it’s been to get swept along in the Venus-fueled good vibes, Saturn’s approach to emotions is full spectrum. Stop prolonging the honeymoon phase and discover the joys of truly knowing someone’s ins and outs. Their quirks might just grow on ya!


Ready for liftoff? Today’s airy trine between the Libra Sun and energizer Mars in Gemini will give you wings. But check your GPS instead of letting sponteneity be your guide.

With Mars retrograde, this excitable transit could lead you on a wild goose chase—or worse, you could get lured into a complicated social situation that makes your own life messy. Enjoy a day of dabbling without making any major commitments. Move freely and don’t let anyone tether your spirit. Discoveries will be inspiring and enlivening as long as you stop yourself from hitting the gas on any plans. You don’t have to keep people at arm’s length, but you also shouldn’t hand them the unearned keys to your kingdom just because you felt instant synergy. Mantra for the day: time will tell. 


Cozy up! Embrace the hygge season vibes as the quarter moon nestles into nurturing Cancer. Where could you bring more homey touches to your daily life? Tuck slippers under your desk and place at least one beautiful object in your line of vision, like a plant or crystal. Pause between professional duties to restock your tea selection, chitchat with coworkers or call a relative you’ve lost touch with. When you’re back at base camp, set up your living room for movie, craft and game nights. If you’re on the lookout for a new space, set up alerts from Zillow and Redfin. A lucky listing could pop up while you’re organizing your office supplies or scrubbing the tub!


Pay attention to subtle cues today. It’s possible that people are being evasive or throwing shade, but don’t race to conclusions. Ask clarifying questions and see if they balk. Even if you do have a case, quietly catalog the “evidence.” That way, you can articulate the issue and back it up with proof. Competitors may be lurking; or jealous haters who can’t stand to see anyone else shine. Protect your dreams like priceless artifacts. “Shield your field” and be discerning about the company you keep. Are others misreading your signals? Instead of assuming that your actions are “obvious,” clearly state your intentions, leaving nothing up to chance. Need to hash out a problem? Pull people aside for a private chat. Confidentiality is everything today! 


Love shouldn’t feel like a competition or a game with a scorecard, but good luck telling people that today.

As seductive Venus gets sucked into Pluto’s undertow, pettiness and mean streaks are on full display. Lay low and let the storm clouds pass. Engaging with people when they’re “in a mood” will only escalate the drama. Alas, your best efforts to cheer up your pouting lover might put you in their crosshairs. And if you wind up triggered, look out! Controlling, dominating or avoidant behavior will only heap fuel on the fire and deepen the divisive dynamic.

You may find yourself obsessing over a (potentially toxic) heartbreaker—or grappling with a bout of jealousy based on unfounded suspicions. Hard as it is to stop your brain from fixating (and your fingers from Googling or texting), exert extreme willpower! On the plus side, the dam could burst on pent up erotic energy. Head to the bedroom and work it out!


If you’ve been overlooking the obvious—like someone’s radiant spirit, say—it could hit you like a ton of bricks. With the Libra Sun giving Venus a galactic glow-up, your own attractive qualities will also shine. Yes, today will be a lovefest! No, you shouldn’t hold back the compliments! The effusive mashup of the Sun and Venus is poetic, romantic and perfectly enchanting. Take time to notice people’s finer points, then acknowledge them for what you see. Not only will you make their day, but you’ll catch a buzz from these uplifting exchanges. And if there’s more to explore, you’ve already broken the ice.

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