Pisces September 2022 Monthly Horoscope

Pisces September 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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Opinions, opinions! Everyone’s an “expert” today, but they might be preaching advice with limited information. Before you get hooked by the hype, take time to research what you’ve heard—and check a few credible sources. Throughout the day, it could feel like everyone is carrying on their own conversation, while not listening to what anyone else has to say. Try not to add to the cacophony. If you have to fight to be heard, then you’re probably wasting your breath. Map out your vision on paper, then pitch it on a day when people are more open to input. For now, your best bet is to pop in your earbuds, turn on the white noise station (or your favorite productivity music) and drown out the drama. Is someone trying to sell you on a big idea? If it sounds too good to be true, this starmap practically ensures that it is.


Bigger, stronger, faster? Easy, tiger! Today’s moderating quarter moon calls for measured, responsible growth. In our progress-obsessed modern world, “expansion” is considered one of the ultimate benchmarks for success. But at what cost? In broad-minded Sagittarius, these moonbeams shine a light on new considerations. Are you creating a truly inclusive space for your audience, patrons, and community? How will any buildouts impact your environment, your family and people in the area? Review your strategy, taking a brave and unblinking look at every aspect of your plan. If something needs to be adjusted, hop to it before the full moon, one week from now! 


Get ready for a galactic glow-up as beautifying Venus moves into Virgo, the sign of radiant good health. This sensible cycle can be quite sensual if you slow down and appreciate the little things. And get physical—with self- care, a pleasurable exercise routine (solo or with your S.O.) and through lots of affection. While tenderness is always important, “acts of service” is the primary love language that Venus in Virgo speaks. Ask not what your lover can do for you. Instead, learn how to give a killer shoulder rub, cook your S.O.’s favorite meal and support their dreams in every way possible. Put phones away and give your undivided attention to the one you love. Listen generously, give advice only if asked and keep feedback constructive (not critical). Single and looking? Start with the intellectual connection. Long, analytical conversations can be the key to deeper connection during this intellectual Venus spell. Take a timeout from the dating apps and see who you might meet at a book club or spiritual discussion group. What begins as a meeting of the minds could evolve into much, much more! 

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For the next three weeks, think twice before you speak, post or press “send.” With communication planet Mercury backing through discerning, fair-minded Libra and persnickety, critical Virgo (starting September 23), the margin for error will be slim. Since Libra is associated with legal matters, review contract to make sure you’re in compliance. This deep dive could save you future legal issues or set a healthier tone for your work environment. Knowledge is power—and on an emotional level, the path to feeling safe and secure! Even the best relationships could drift into choppy waters between now and October 2. Patience will be required to keep things on an even keel. Exes will be especially prone to reminiscing—consider yourself warned!

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Surrender, and let the universe reveal its wisdom. As 2022’s only full moon in Pisces loosens our clutches, we get privy to the “source code” that’s embedded in things like divine timing, serendipities and dreams. Reality can be tough to digest or even discern! This full moon won’t help matters much, but that’s kind of the point. Because esoteric Pisces is the master of illusion, it’s like you’re lost in a labyrinth. If you panic, you’ll feel even MORE out of sorts. But stop, breathe, and listen to your intuition, and you’ll reconnect to your inner guidance…as well as a few ancestors and guides! This compassionate full moon paves the way for deep, soulful healing. Unexpectedly, you may see an “enemy” in a very human light. While you don’t have to accept their wrongdoings, you may find a spot of forgiveness in your heart. On the flipside, you may realize that it’s time to put up boundaries with a bully. Enough’s enough!

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