I started a Pisces Tarot Card Reading & Horoscope Channel!

If you have been following my blog from the very start, you will know that I originally had monthly horoscopes. It was to a point that I had offers from astrological experts fighting each other off with swords asking who was doing the readings for my articles and if they could do it instead! I am not kidding.

pisces horoscope and tarot card reading

As a California girl, people might think I’m woowoo and a hippy dippy vegan. That is only half true haha. My family and friends roll their eyes at me for knowing what’s going on with the stars, moon and planets. Then there are those who think there are only twelve personalities. 😂 They obviously never did their chart before and are misinformed. Charts are so complicated with over many thousands of combinations of signs. The possibilities of an individual’s personality are endless!

daily pisces tarot readings
weekly pisces tarot card readings

The Babylonians (within Mesopotamia) were the first great astronomers using the concept of the zodiac from the 18th century BC. Whether individuals think it is real or not doesn’t bother me, because I simply enjoy reading tarot cards!

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Astrology isn’t fake. It’s just been ruined by modern psychology just as yoga is considered a workout rather than a philosophy to live your life with. Or how Buddhism was watered down to a peaceful, zen attitude rather than a proper religion.

pisces horoscope and tarot card reading
pisces horoscope and tarot card reading
pisces horoscope and tarot card reading

My cousins and I would I would have family picnics full of all the women in the family and sit down on a blanket reading each other’s fortunes. We’d have tea leaves while discussing every aspect of life from my aunt’s breast cancer to boys we’d wish to notice us haha.

I can see how those who do not appreciate it use it to their advantage to take from those who are searching for something to grasp in a desperate situation. Rather than trying to help people’s mindsets and give them comfort in sharing how they are capable handling their future endeavours.

daily pisces tarot card reading
daily pisces tarot card reading

My new channel is not trying to take money from those who want to talk to their passed loved ones. I’m not trying to tell you to live your life by this astrological law. This new piece of me is simply spreading joy and sharing the fun and warmth I feel when doing a reading. I truly am passionate about this and hope you feel me radiating with excitement with tarot card readings!

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This has always been something I’ve done for and with my friends and family. In other words, it’s nothing new. The only difference is I’m posting it on the internet. I hope you’d like to join me on my channel and subscribe to support the Pisces power!

pisces weekly tarot card and horoscope readings
pisces weekly tarot card and horoscope readings
pisces weekly tarot card and horoscope readings

What’s the channel called?

Tarot Gia. You can subscribe to the channel here.

What am I posting?

Specifically Pisces tarot card readings for every month, week, and love. Oh, and horoscopes! Monthly and weekly also. Also, the channel is specifically directed at all individuals with a sun in Pisces. Why would I let my Pisces people hanging?

Do you do readings for other signs?

Eventually, I might possibly branch out to others. But I want to focus on my own and favourite zodiac first.

How often am I posting?

I’ll be posting every single first of the month on the day, start of the week – Sunday, and middle of the week. The middle of the week post may be a Wednesday or Thursday. Will try both and will see how people receive it. The schedule is not set in stone. I will come back and update once I know for sure!

Do you do daily readings?

Yes! I do special daily readings in a paid monthly subscription where they are personal with specific questions you can get answered. You can sign up here and check it out. You will receive a daily five minute tarot card reading daily straight to your inbox! I do readings for all signs.

If you don’t log onto Youtube every single day, you are more than welcome to sign up here for free weekly readings straight to your inbox. Subscribe here and click the bell to never miss a post on my new channel. Thank you for the support and I cannot wait to see you in a personal daily reading!

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