5 Ways to feel confident in bed at all times

5 Ways to feel confident in bed at all times

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Sexual confidence is fragile and it all comes down to a basic set of systems to amp it up. If you’re wondering how to be sexually attractive to your partner, how to be more confident in bed, and become a more sexually confident woman all around, subscribe now to my channel and impress yourself as glow up into the empowered babe you’ve always wanted to be.

Eat well

You will always be in a good mood when you’ve eaten enough, and feel fuller when you’ve eaten properly with a nutritional meal. If you have ever started a fight because you were hungry, please stand up. Also, if you’re on a date, eat a bit before in case your food takes too long to come out, or your date can’t seem to get his head together on what he wants to choose to eat. It happens. You’re prepared. You’re welcome.


I happen to always feel my best after a good workout, even if I don’t feel like I lost the whole pizza I ate on the weekend somewhere over the treadmill, I feel accomplished. There’s a rumour that walking at a consistent speed of at least 3.5 miles per hour burns the equivalent amount of calories that running that same distance does. You don’t have to try anything crazy, or hurt yourself trying to get the body of a demigod at the gym. Keep it simple, and don’t overstress yourself. Your calves will also thank you for not letting you bulk up like running lets you!

Wear comfy lingerie that flatters you

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and want to look like Irina Shayk, so we buy whatever she wears, instead of what actually suits our frame. There are so many different types of beautiful shapes and sizes out there that sundries of lingerie designs can enhance. Find the silhouette that accentuates all your favourite parts of you instead of what trends are saying looks good.

Candles are your friend

In case you’re still not convinced with the lingerie, hold a candle to the dinner and take it all the way to the bedroom. It’s flattering with anyone and really switches up the ambiance from your regular wattage.

Smell fabulous

It’s been scientifically studied and the current verdict is in that men are typically attracted to these top scents in order:

  1. florals
  2. citrus – bergamot or blood orange
  3. vanilla

And finally, it also helps to just shower up before the date, and don’t just cover up your day’s musk with fragrance. So be sure to do that extra scrub where the glands and joints are.

Was there anything I missed? I’d love to know your additions to the list in the comments below!

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