How To Dress Feminine In Winter | 7 Winter Tweed Jackets

Chanel style and feminine colour for the cooler weather

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I’ve been dying to share this feminine clothing haul with you as Chanel style tweed jackets are my favourite. I think they have some of the most feminine silhouettes for winter. I live in Los Angeles and it’s tough to break these out, because it’s so warm here. However, this is the thickest type of jacket I actually can wear in the Winter season.

What makes this style of jacket feminine?

First off, Chanel. Hello. I love the colours, it’s very Chanel in spring, and bright colours are always it when it comes to standing out, showing you care for your garments, your appearance, and being seen as inviting. What’s attractive and magnetic about femininity is the vibrant, friendly feeling you get in an encounter with someone.

It’s already a challenge to dress warm as most people look like penguins in cooler climate cities. Finding the right fit, colour, and style is everything to ruminate this season and here are 7 ideas (one for each day of the week) you can steal from me!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and what trends you’d like to see coming up! I’m more than happy to oblige when it’s feminine, classy, and elegant. ✨Here are beautiful feminine winter Chanel style tweed jackets and classic styles you must have for staying feminine in winter. ❄️Stay playful and look cute in the cold with these cute feminine outfits. 🎀Everything winter jackets and tweed, you can not only stay on top of winter trends for 2021 and yet still stay feminine and classy. 🎁Here is my feminine winter jacket haul review and tips to stay feminine in winter! 💌

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