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If You Sleep With Makeup On & Don't Want To Wash Your Face
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Welcome to another installment of 30 Days of Beauty where review beauty products for at least 30 days, sometimes 9 years! I dive into if the product’s performance is as effective as its cost. If you have any beauty products you’d like me to try before you buy, please comment them at the below.

Get clean, glowing skin now!

If you are a really busy powerhouse woman who’s doing everything she can

to run a business, run a household, run a daycare of children, trying to cook, clean, look beautiful, dress up, do your hair, plan a work presentation, this is for you. Basically if you breathe and bleed this is perfect. 

It doesn’t just have to be for overworked ladies of the world. It’s also for the socialites and those who love to be out with friends all night. Whether you’re partying or just staying up really late to get some Taco Bell. 

Simplify your routine with this one step do it all system!

I know you don’t want to properly wash your face and take care of your skin when you’re exhausted. But you NEED to do it. Otherwise you age six days in one night from not removing your makeup. That’s the rumour anyway. 

Presenting the Garnier micellar cleansing water all-in-1 brightening with vitamin c! That’s a mouthful isn’t it?

Take your pick of the Garnier micellar collection!

Basically what it does is clean your makeup off while treating your face with the supplement that makes your face look young! Vitamin c is supposed to be the active ingredient that makes you look fresh-faced and healthy. I feel the glow when using this, letting it sit into my skin after washing it

It also works as a toner, funny enough.

I looked up the difference between a toner and micellar water. From what I understand, and visually seeing it work on my face, it restores balance back to your face after cleansing. The pH works itself out. 

Where a micellar water does both this and clean your face. I personally use both products, not JUST because I’m bougie. But because I only utilize the toner on days I don’t apply makeup. So it would be a waste to use the micellar water that doubles as a makeup remover on me that night. 

Shop the elixir of youth and clean skin here!

Another trick

I heard was to do your nightly routine right when you get home. So you can remove all your makeup off and do you whole skincare schtick right away, without being too tired to take it off at night.

You can’t get rid of wrinkles — only prevent them!

Undressing your face is one of the most important steps in your routine, because YOU CAN’T GET RID OF WRINKLES ONLY PREVENT THEM. You want to look as healthy, glow, and youthful as you can while you can. Even if you do have wrinkles, bless you! You’re gorgeous and I personally think wrinkles are sexy adding character to a smooth face. (You probably have mad stories to tell me over dinner, because nothing is sexier than someone who’s lived life!)

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If you have any beauty products you’d like me to try before you buy, please comment them at the below!

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