5 Sure Fire Ways To Grow Your Email List

5 Sure Fire Ways To Grow Your Email List
Do you have a goal this year to add more amazing subscribers to your email list?  We all know that’s a key thing to grow when you’re growing your business… but how do you actually do it?  

Now, 2 years in, I add thousands to our email list every week, but that wasn’t always the case. But the good news is, we’re still doing the same strategies today to grow our list as we were when we first started!  So if you’re looking to focus on email list growth this year, here are 5 ways to do that.

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My first strategy is a content upgrade! How this works is that you produce great content through your favorite channel, be it YouTube, podcasts, or whatever. In this content, you offer a freebie that promises an upgraded level of content that the listener should opt into afterward. 

You should always think of your content as something that takes a listener down a path– the logical last step of which is a paid product! So, you can think of this paid product you offer, and then work backward from there to create the free content that acts as the pathway to it. 

People think they need to guard their content, but this is a misconception, and who would really take the time to wade through all of your free content anyway? People want it neatly packaged, which is why you can offer the same content in your paid package as you do in a more spaced out way in the free stuff.

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This strategy is predominantly a paid concept, but it can also be translated into an organic one with similar effects. This is the concept of the tripwire, which is a process whereby you create a freebie opt-in that leads the client to a thank you page, upon which they will find a small priced offer. We recommend this offer to be between $7 and $37. 

The great thing about this strategy is it helps you recoup some dollars you spent on the opt-in, and it also gives you a lot of information about which of your clients are buyers and which are freebie seekers. The organic version of this is to simply have no priced offer on the freebie page, and this strategy is effective because, even though it doesn’t recoup dollars, it still gives you lots of info about your clients’ interests. 

Try to have around three of these at any given time, and tweak them as you see who is engaging the most with which. The desired end goal is to have one main tripwire active, which has proved to be the most effective. Many successful people have a main tripwire running for years!

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My next strategy can end up being a lot of work but also presents huge rewards. This is the concept of the free or low-priced summit or challenge. We have done both and can tell you for sure that summits especially take a lot of work. My entire team spent a third of their time working on summits, so make sure if you choose the summit over the challenge, you know it will be worth your time. 

In 2019, I upped my subscribers by tens of thousands by using these two strategies. These strategies are attractive to people because they show huge value over a short period of time, and people think they will get a lot out of them (which they will). The challenge can be a safer option than the summit because it only involves you, but it can generate as much activity as a summit. The key endgame for both of these is to finish the experience off with a paid offer!

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The great thing about webinars is that in today’s climate, you can even host them on Instagram! You can use the Live option and then gather emails for the people who sign up for it in advance. If people end up joining half-way through without signing up, that’s fine because it becomes a different strategy.

Hopefully, they’ll like you and sign up later. But with that said, we do recommend a private platform. Zoom is amazing, and you should definitely sign up for Flodesk so that you can boss up your follow-up sequence. By using our link, you save 50% off forever, meaning you only have to pay $19 per month!

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The last strategy is similar to the opt-in tripwire except it cuts out the opt-in! What we mean by this is that sometimes it can be more effective to just advertise for potential clients to go straight to your low-cost product, rather than couching it in a thank you page. If your product is sexy enough, you will literally have people paying you to join your email list.

The great thing about this strategy is that you aren’t losing people who might be willing to buy as you might in the opt-in tripwire approach. Try out this strategy and see which one converts better for you. People will often buy the low-cost product, and then go on to sign up for something more expensive after that. If you think about it, one person is then paying for you to get another 4,000 people to sign up in the future, some of whom will then escalate to more expensive offers, too! 

Remember, these strategies take a lot of work, so don’t try them all at once. If you’re looking for a platform to build your list, then I’d recommend Flodesk a thousand times over. It’s super user-friendly, and the price is basically nothing. And as I said before, you’ll save 50% and only have to pay $19 per month forever by clicking the button below!

What are some methods that help you grow your email list outside of these tips? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments!

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