3 PLANOLY Features for the Entrepreneur on the Go [With Video Tutorials]

3 PLANOLY Features for the Entrepreneur on the Go [With Video Tutorials]

The hustle rarely stops for the entrepreneur on the go. From replying to customer emails and feedback to planning out your social strategy, your days are always on the move. We’re here to help you get some of that time back, so you can focus on taking some to refresh and recharge your energy – or you know, see outside. 

Simplifying social marketing is our number one priority at PLANOLY. Empowering you to create and share your business’ story with as few steps as possible, is kind of our thing. Whether you just opened up shop (online or in-person!) or your business has been up and running for years, these top three Instagram Planner features will help you save time as a busy entrepreneur.

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PLANOLY Feature for Entrepreneurs #1: Auto-Post

Coming in at number one is auto-post! This feature takes the brain work out of remembering to post – allowing you to schedule content for your Instagram grid days, weeks, and even months in advance. What makes this feature so valuable is the fully seamless automation. You aren’t just planning content and waiting around for a reminder to manually upload every day. 

It’s a no-brainer to simply automate what one would normally have to take time out of their day to do.

Think of your time as money.

Say each minute equals $100. How are you going to spend that $100? On something that could simply be automated with an app while you create more ideas that can make even more money? Or even spend that time with loved ones (some of the highest value ways you can spend that money/time)?

It doesn’t make sense not to download an app that doesn’t only help you in your business, but your personal life too!

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Important Reminders for Auto-post

  • Only Instagram Business accounts can auto-post at this time. Personal and creator accounts are not able to access the auto-post feature at this time. 
  • With our free subscription, PLANOLY users can auto-post images to their Instagram grid. Paid PLANOLY users can auto-post an expanded range of content formats including images, GIFs, and video grid posts. 
  • At this time, Instagram has not authorized the auto-post feature for carousels and Instagram Stories 

How to Use Auto-post

Auto-post on the PLANOLY Mobile App

Auto-post on the PLANOLY Web Dashboard

PLANOLY Feature for Entrepreneurs #2:

Best Time to Post 

Coming in at number two is our best time to post feature! This paid PLANOLY feature is the ultimate time-saver, eliminating the need to conduct any manual research around your audience’s engagement habits. The best time to post feature draws directly from your Instagram data, recommending a series of optimum times to post during each day of the week. You can access these times when scheduling content, or on your calendar. 

PLANOLY Pro-Tip: Curious on when is the best time to post overall on Instagram? Our post When’s the Best Time to Post on Instagram breaks it all down for you.

How to Use the Best Time to Post Feature on PLANOLY

Best Time to Post Feature on the PLANOLY Mobile App

PLANOLY Feature for Entrepreneurs #3

Hashtag Manager

Last – but certainly not least – our favorite feature for entrepreneurs on the go is PLANOLY’s hashtag manager. Did you know Instagram posts with hashtags generate at least 12% more engagement than posts without them?

As an entrepreneur, engagement is key to growing your business and brand awareness and fostering a thriving digital community. The hashtag manager allows you to easily and quickly create groups of hashtags to include with your post while scheduling. Say goodbye to the tediousness of constantly having to type out or paste your preferred hashtags, and embrace this game-changing feature.

How to Use PLANOLY’s Hashtag Manager:

Hashtag Manager on the PLANOLY Mobile App

Hashtag Manager on PLANOLY’s Web Dashboard

What are some ways you’re automating your business? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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