How To Scale Your Business In A Few Months

4 things to keep in mind when growing your method of monetization

I have scaled my business very quickly over the last couple of months.

So how have I managed to double my cash and continue to keep this consistent?

Through implementing multiple strategies.

1. Creating passive income through an evergreen model

By setting up funnels that generate leads through my freebies and then upselling people into offers through my funnels I have been able to generate thousands every month and it costs me no extra work at all. Once created it can run itself.

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2. Providing value on social media with CTAs

You don’t have to have a big huge planned out strategy. I have barely worked in my business over the last 2 months whilst grieving but I have hit my biggest ever cash months through providing value & having clear CTAs.

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3. Live launching

I did this back in the beginning of the year (when I decided I wanted to go all in on my one big offer idea). Having a freebie to attract people to you — cold and warm. Live launching is a great way to take people from cold to hot in a short space of time. It’s also great for cash injection and cash flow. I now benefit from recurring payments from payment plans.

4. Retention strategy

This involves upwelling current clients into other offers. I have set up my product suite so when people finish one offer I can sell them into another.

By diversifying my product suite and my strategies I have been able to scale quickly and I’m on track to now hit a 6 figure cash month!

What are some ways you’re creating a continuously monetizing business model? How have you grown in your business? What are some things you’re doing to scale your offers? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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