How To Gain Multiple Revenue Streams This Year

How To Gain Multiple Revenue Streams This Year marketing in 2021

Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram. I fill up a lot of my programs just through posting on stories BUT there are other ways to market 


Podcast series, attaching a lead magnet into a funnel in your show notes, ads, program promo. So many options through podcasting. Podcasts generate SO many leads for business as people aren’t on IG all day everyday.

They drive, put on their makeup, and work while listening. It’s automatically a part of their daily routine!

Ex: You launch a program in 4 weeks. You have a 4 part podcast episode that leads up to the launch. People who listen to your podcast can get on the waitlist first + you can pre-sell.

Ex: You have a free lead magnet/webinar in your podcast description. People join + go through your funnel promoting your program = passive income.

Email Marketing

I’m here to tell you, email marketing is crucial. You don’t own your social media but you own your list. This is the perfect place to fill up yoru program and share all the latest launches and discounts. On Instagram, your feed is transient and people are always scrolling. Your email sits there until they check it.

Ex: You pre-sell to your past waitlist list through your email giving them a discount for an upcoming offer. 80 people on the waitlist + 10 buy a $397 offer = $3970 of income before the launch.


Do you have affiliates for your programs and courses? This can bring in $$ on the side as in “passive income.” If you’re already a blogger, you might totally understand this, or maybe don’t have a full grasp on it. It’s important to keep things organic as if you weren’t trying to sell, and just naturally talk about how they implement the product.

Ex: You have 5 affiliates who are promoting for you. They each have 3,000 followers + make 10 sales. 50 sales just from affiliates.

You see what I mean?

I hope you liked this quick run-down on how to level up your abundance this year. We can only reduce our expenses so much and growing with new ways to monetize helps us become millionaires even faster!

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