Instagram Reels: Tips & Tricks to Making Engaging Content 

Consider Instagram Reels handled

Instagram Reels are a paaaaaaaaaaaaaain.

I’ll be the first to say it. Won’t be the last.

I love making them. I enjoy making them, but taking the time and effort to prepare for making them, and the extra two hours that goes into constructing the perfect content, doing my makeup, showing up at all, knowing when to post it, saving it on my hard drive, making sure my phone has space to store it, doing the hashtag research. I’M TIRED.

By the time all the regular things are set up, I’m sweating underneath bright lights and editing the heck out of video that is much easier to do on YouTube! No wonder tiktok creators are so young. It’s definitely a young person’s game and energy and time to be able to create something out of nothing.

Here are some tips that have helped me personally in creating Instagram Reels. For all the generations to enjoy.

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