What It’s Like Being Ethnically Ambiguous In The USA

what it's like being ethnically ambiguous in the usa ethnic ambiguity

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I’m all about using what you have as advantage in life. The skills I’ve acquired as an adult without the help of anyone else has set me up for a life of what I view to be success. However, there are things we are born with that put us ahead in society when it comes to growing up.

what it's like being ethnically ambiguous in the usa ethnic ambiguity
what it's like being ethnically ambiguous in the usa ethnic ambiguity

From talks of pretty privilege, white privilege, and smart privilege, I have been wanting to share this for so long. It’s something that has kept me in the dark and in the light all my life. There are so many pros and cons to not having a label that people want to classify me with. But I see them as all positives. My looks have gotten me far in life. And I mean in the way that not very many people think of.

People don’t know what to expect of me and it’s endlessly tiresome to even guess my ethnicity. Parenthetically, it’s hilarious and I only laugh it off when people give some sort of projection of a culture’s strengths. I give people the benefit of the doubt.

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Individuality is something that is sort of dying today in the political spectrum of the USA. But this is not a political issue. It’s not even an issue for me personally – depending on my mood. It’s a social topic that has been around since the multiple spans of millennia that humans have been around.

As a mixed girl, it’s known in biology for those with different genes combined into one succeed in the wild, because they’re most likely to have benefits of both parents. But it’s a 50/50 chance, so sometimes it’s a cock up and that doesn’t happen haha. In flowers, their dominant traits show up more obviously. If a red and white rose reproduce, they can create a pink rose or flower that is both blotches of red and white. It’s a roll of the dice!

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I feel like either way, I got lucky with my genetic makeup and ethnic ambiguity. It’s definitely a blessing in many facets. I can make moves in silence, but people try to categorize me with a label, which I don’t like. Other than that, I’m the hybrid-mutt racist people hate and progressive people try to categorize. Either way I’m judged haha.

What question come to mind when you meet an ethnically ambiguous person? I’d love to answer them below without holding anything back in a gentle manner if I have the information you might be looking for. Feel free to comment below!

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