What To Do If You Don’t Hit Your Sales Goals

Step up your business with these marketing tactics!

If you’re not hitting your sales goals in your business, this is for you.

I see SO many people focusing just on converting.

What happens when you do this is that you’re actually forgetting the top end of the funnel: Growing your audience and bringing in new leads.

More leads = larger audience = more people to convert into your offers.

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If you keep promoting your offers to the same audience over and over without also focusing on the top end of the funnel, your audience will grow stale and your sales will drop.

Your homework: List 5 ways that you are going to focus on growing your audience and commit to them.

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Here how I focus on the top end of my funnel:


I find other groups that I can go live in and provide value. This introduces me to an entirely new audience and helps me build trust and rapport with them.


When I have a free event/masterclass, I tell the people who are attending to invite others who would benefit. This introduces them to me and allows me to establish myself as an industry leader right away, moving them down the funnel.


My evergreen freebies don’t expire and are extremely relevant to what my audience struggles with. For example, I have a passive income freebie that converts every single day and it leads people back to my group. This is especially effective because evergreen freebies are something you create once and continue to promote.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your business, 0k to 100k months, you have to focus on the top of your funnel in order to scale.

Whether this is something you do or you have your team do, make sure that your strategy isn’t just focused on converting.

What are some ways you’re pivoting in your business to make more sales? I always love knowing your thoughts, so comment below!

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