10 Fun Ideas To Increase Instagram Engagement

10 Fun Ideas To Increase Instagram Engagement

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I remember back in the day when Stories came out, I thought they were so silly. Had zero interest in even entertaining the idea of using them. Then I realized it’s just like blogging!

To elaborate, it creates the trilogy effect. What’s that?

You know how J.K. Rowling or any writer of a novel releases a new book that’s selling like mad and everyone is hyping it up? But apparently that’s not the first book of its series, so you HAVE to go back and get the first book also.

The power of the trilogy effect is relevance.

Constantly doing something new to catch people’s attention is a power in itself, especially when it comes to establishing your personal brand.

We forget about Angelina Jolie when she’s not being interviewed by Vogue or has a new movie out. Sometimes we might wonder what she’s up to for a second, but ultimately forget about her. (Now that she’s started her own Instagram, we can catch up personally!) Another thanks to why social media is great – stay connected.

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Staying in people’s sights, even when it’s in the rearview mirror, is the goal. You want to stay consistent when being in the spotlight, whether it’s promoting your business, getting more eyes on your content, or simply just staying connected with the ones you love.

How To Automate Posting On The ‘Gram

Aside from my personal account, I created this wonderful space for female business owners – specifically toward coaches, consultants, and especially influencers – to stay motivated. It can be a challenge to remain consistent, but consistency is what creates success in my book!

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Here’s my personal feed for the Femme Founders account you can follow on Instagram to stay motivated. Check out the times I post on the calendar! I try to keep it within 4 hours or so. Consistency is key!

But what are the benefits of raising engagement?

  • you have better numbers to offer on your media kit for brands to pay you more in a collab
  • the algorithm pushes more of the right people (target audience) to see your content
  • Instagram favors your content and shares it with even more people, helping your profile grow!

Enough said – Click the button below to check out the 10 Story Ideas to stay relevant, raise your engagement, and grow your account instantly.

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