My Automated Business Platform Blew Up In My Face – Here’s How I Handled It

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I created the ultimate platform for influencers and then it blew up in my face, because I didn’t own the platform I was using.

This is the perfect analogy for influencers as they post on social media, but once their account is deleted, they don’t know how else to monetize and get their influence back!

It’s always refreshing to fail, get humbled by your mistakes, and get back up on your feet again. I originally was planning to launch the platform back in April until life happened. I overwhelmed myself with a team of people’s work, went on vacation, and had a double procedure surgery to top it off. Overwhelmed is an understatement.

As lockdown is slowly lifting – on and off in Los Angeles – I am finding myself having to re-learn how to balance basic things all over again. Just when everything was going according to my messy plan, the platform that carried my interface for the influencer monetization community blew up in my face.

For some reason, my login details weren’t working, there was a glitch that lasted a week, and all my work couldn’t be accessed. Hey, it happens. But I didn’t want this to happen ever again. I didn’t want randoms obtaining all of my hard work without paying for it as it took me 9 months to build.

I had to start over with a new plan and devise a method that I owned as much as possible.

Initially, I struggled a great deal with searching for a platform that can hold a community, a database for individuals to easily search for things, and one that is easy to set up. That was impossible. The only options available were out of date when it came to branding, content, and offerings.

I searched Google, asked experts on Youtube, did a deep dive into the smelly, dark crevasses of Reddit haha. Not much was to be found real estate-wise on the internet, so I had to create the space myself.

They say if you can’t find any keyword search results, hashtags, or information on certain niche topics, you have hit the jackpot. Pioneering, groundbreaking work means you’ve opened the barrier for others. However, this is hard. This is a big deal to me. It’s my heart and soul, and I want to own it 100%.

It’s like when influencers lose their account because of Instagram’s messy glitches and have no more following. They didn’t build an email list, they don’t fully understand marketing, or how to target their precious audience.

I’ve backed up my backups, prepared for the worst, and created my own platform for influencers to thrive this time. If there ever is another problem – which is highly unlikely because I’m not reliant on another platform – I have a Plan C for my Plan B!

I cannot wait to share the latest launch with you and help you grow your following, your influence, and your bank account!

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So far, there are too many juicy things I’m proud to say that helps you monetize your blog, social media, and influencing business! The offerings are endless when it comes to making money online from anywhere in the world simply from posting.

What’s included:

  • Monthly Monetization Masterclasses
  • PR brand lists
  • PR News
  • Pitching templates
  • Influencer directory – to grow your network
  • Your own baddie community of other members
  • Influencer pricing checklist
  • Branding workshops
  • Internet technical support
  • Job opportunities
  • Brand partnerships & collaborations

I can’t wait to help you grow your network, find your tribe, and especially monetize along the way. This means so much to me as this is my passion and labor of love. I have my own job and full time income from my main business in my social media talent agency, marketing agency, and real estate business. This is truly my passion to help others grow and cheer them on!

Having seen both sides of the influencer industry, it’s like watching flowers bloom right before your eyes and there’s nothing that fills my heart with wonderment more than seeing all of you blossom.

If there are any questions or requests to add to the list, please comment below! I’m more than happy to hear from you.

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