How to Respond When Clients Think You Are Too Expensive

How to carefully position your value to leads who don't fully understand

I found this fabulous blog post that made me smile and realize that there are people out there who might not afford your services. It might just not be time for them as they will save up and come around to them eventually. Or it might be someone trying to nickel and dime you for what you’re worth.

Either way, weeding out the right audience and potential clients can be a challenge that you might face one way or another. Someone might ask, “You cost X when this person cost less, what’s the difference with your services?”

When a lead is questioning your worth or what your value should be to them, that’s really their issue if they cannot see already. You might need to do some explaining, or not have the energy at all when dealing with this situation. A way to help this is by creating an FAQ or automated template to respond to this issue.

You can also simply say, “Please refer to X on my website where I go in depth and in detail on exactly this particular query.” If they push to know more reasoning, you know that they’re not necessarily the class of people you want to level down to. It’s not your place to have to explain every single crumb and inch of your value to someone who doesn’t even want to remotely get an idea.

Welcome to The League: Janna Lynn:

Janna Lynn is a brand and web designer for growth-driven businesses and explains precisely how to respond when clients think you are too expensive.

How would you respond when a potential client argues or disagrees with your pricing? I’d love to know your input in the comments below!

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