August Outfit Ideas: Stretch The Summer Mini Dress Haul

More summer = more fashion so more summer please. Thanks.

Here are my current picks as I have been wanting to drop weekly picks since spring.

But that’s been a struggle keeping up, so I’m going to just share my whole haul with you and you can take stock of what you like!

I’m trying to live it up in the summer with all the beautiful, colorful, bright picks I have ready in my arsenal. If I could take one photo a day, I’d have 90 outfits to share with you, however I have much more than that!

With a little careful shopping choosing my favorite silhouettes that I want to wear for a long time on as many adventures as possible, I created enough looks for probably 3 summers in a row and more.

I don’t really shop for winter, because I live in Los Angeles and have winter staples in case I travel back to my second home in Denmark or anywhere in Europe. That goes for ice hiking gear too.

But when it’s hot, you’re constantly showering, feeling rejuvenated from being in the ocean / pool, and switching from a short day dress to appropriate eveningweaer. (If you’re like me.) That’s why I have enough options for multiple outfit changes daily.

All images below are 💯% shoppable. I hope you like these picks and happy shopping!

Click on any dress you are interested in to shop.

Mini Dresses (And 1 Maxi 😉)

Jumpsuits & Rompers





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Have any picks you absolutely want to see more of? I’m more than happy to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below.

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