Fearless by Rebecca Minkoff Book Review

Rebecca Minkoff is the iconic designer I’ve been following for years now, but regained some insight into her world again when I heard her on a podcast. It turned out she had a podcast of her own that was speaking out on Femme Founders. Yes, her version is called Super Women though and I have an iPhone and iWorld, so I listen to it on Apple Podcasts.

Now that she’s back in my radar, I found out about her book on Apple Books and immediately purchased her audiobook. Not knowing what to expect from the designer, I listened to the first few chapters and instantly could relate to the creative clothing seamstress turned bad designer turned female empowerment machine.

Also a California native, she grew up in San Diego with a close knit community of friends until she was ripped out of her universe and landed in Florida with her parents.

Her mom was her cheerleader and didn’t have to give her permission to do anything. She seemeed to just say, “Go. I’m not stopping you.” (That’s the kind of attitude I’m living for.) And if you stay until the end of the audiobook, she interviews her mother, who is quite the free willed woman herself.

Key Points I Picked Up:

  • Make a case for what you want and why you deserve it when pitching yourself – don’t ask for help.
  • Pitch yourself saying why and what you want because they don’t know you, what you want, or have 30 minutes to chat about your direction.
  • First know what you need – then you know what you want. Be informed. It will make your experience richer. Always do your research.
  • Don’t ask for permission – her mom just said go & gave her full responsibility of what she wanted to do.
  • California girl turned Floridian turned New Yorker. Moved quite a bit at a young age, which is difficult for children.
  • Worked as a paid intern 2 years before someone wore her designs.
  • Her mom gave her fabric instead of the actual dress to make the dress she wanted in the window.
  • Find your purpose. The money will come later. You have something to offer.
  • Use your time & energy toward something that matters to you.
  • Prioritizing money – brunches with friends verses new buttons for your latest bag.
  • Social climbing versus offering value 

Okay, so there’s a lot to unpack here and I hope the video helps with digesting all of it. If you want more book reviews to level up, learn about the world, and all things nonfiction, subscribe now to Gia TV!

What are some things you found interesting about the designer? Are there any things you have in common with her? Do you have any book recommendations? I always love hearing from you, so feel free to comment thoughts below!

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