Modern Etiquette Made Easy by Myka Meier Book Review

Please excuse my shabby appearance in the video, because it was my first day out of a really invasive surgery that you can read about here haha. I’m so glad I did it though. This book is definitely something worth sharing as brightness and brilliance is meant to be available for everyone!

Who is Myka Meier?

Myka Meier is one of my favorite Youtube personalities, blossom of a human being, and etiquette expert. She is the kind of person who when you see her speak and in her zone explaining her skillset, you can’t stop smiling, because she just radiates that sense of joy.

A truly infectious smile will get you far, and I think she’s the exemplary model of what etiquette is all about: inclusivity. Being inviting. Getting people to feel good around you, being warm, and open.

I heard also, that not just in finishing school, but experts in etiquette have to learn quite a lot about history and the conceptions of why we do things a certain way. So they’re the most interesting people to talk to in the room when it comes to odd origin stories. With that said, this book was fascinating as I didn’t want it to end! I’m so glad she has a YouTube channel.

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Are you interested in etiquette? Have you heard of Myka Meier before or seen her videos? Do you have any books to recommend? I always love hearing from you, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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