How To Craft A Welcome Sequence To Nurture Your Email List

You created your free opt-in resource and people are subscribing to your email list — now what?!

When people first sign up for your email list by downloading a free resource, they’re putting their hand up to say “Hey! I need help with this thing that you’re an expert in!” You’re collecting a list of warm leads for your business & it’s important to extend a warm welcome!

First impressions are important, which is why it’s essential to have a welcome sequence set up to continue building the relationship with your new subscribers.

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What is a welcome sequence?

A welcome sequence is a series of emails that you’ll send to new subscribers to introduce yourself, establish credibility, build trust, and nurture the relationship.

In this guide, we’ll be walking through a framework for a 5-email welcome sequence that you can create to onboard your new email subscribers!

Welcome Email No. 1

The first email will be the first touchpoint with your subscribers after they opt-in for your free resource.

The number one purpose of this first email is to efficiently deliver your free resource to new subscribers. However, this is also the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression and remind people of why the resource you’re providing will help them.

Attention Grabbing Subject Line

Your subject line should be engaging and immediately grab your audience’s attention. Bonus: try using emojis to catch their eye!

Welcome Statement

Start off with a sentence or two to remind people who you are and of the free resource they opted in to receive.

Button with a link to your free resource

Create an eye-catching button near the top of your email to make it easy to see where they can download the free resource.

Expectations for future emails

Send out a newsletter once a week? Have specific topics you cover? Let your new subscribers know what they can expect!

Call to action

Invite subscribers to follow you on a primary social platform.

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Welcome Email No. 2

The second email is where you’ll be setting the scene by diving deeper into your personal/business story.

People connect with stories that they can relate to — which is why in this email, you’ll be telling your own story in a way that your audience will see themselves in. This will also help you build a deeper connection between you and your audience.

Greeting & Reminder of who you are

Your audience may need a bit of a reminder when you slide into their inbox, so start off this email by reintroducing yourself.

Background story about you/your business

Share the story behind your business in an authentic way. Explain how you used to be in their shoes.

Explanation of your mission

Dig deep and share your mission for your business and who you serve, which will affirm that they are in the right place.

Thank the reader for joining your community

Close out your email by expressing gratitude that the subscriber is a part of your community.

Call to action

Invite subscribers to learn more by visiting your website.

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Welcome Email No. 3

In this third email, your primary goal is to deepen your connection that you’re creating with your subscribers.

Now that you’ve introduced yourself, this is the email where you’ll start to pivot the conversation toward focusing on your new subscriber, their pain points, and how you can help them grow.

Greeting & recap of the last email

Remind your audience that you’re picking up on the conversation that you had in the previous email.

Connect & discuss primary pain points

What is your audience struggling with? Addressing their specific pain points will have them saying, “Yes, that’s me!”

Educate & provide value

Now that you’ve addresses their pain points, share a hot tip that will help your audience achieve a quick and easy win.

Remind audience of future email

People love a good sneak peek — give your audience a preview into what to expect from your next email.

Call to action

Invite subscribers to hit reply and share their thoughts.

Welcome Email No. 4

This fourth email continues to solidify your position as an expert in the eyes of your audience.

Similar to the third email in this welcome sequence, you’ll be focusing on your audience, their motivations, their pain points, and how you can ultimately help solve their problem.

Greeting & recape of the last email

Remind your audience that you’re picking up on the conversation that you had in the previous email.

Discuss a second pain point

What would their life be like if…? Address another pain point and how you can help them overcome their problem.

Empower & provide value

In this section, you’ll want to empower your audience with the idea that they can overcome their obstacles.

Sneak peek of your products / services

Briefly mention that you designed your products and services with them in mind to build excitement about your offerings.

Call to action

Invite your audience to explore your products / services.

Welcome Email No. 5

The fifth email will introduce your products or services, as well as dive into the benefits of working with you.

Use the last email in the sequence to solidify your expertise and show how you crafted your offerings specifically to help solve your audience’s pain points

Greeing & recape of the last email

Remind your audience that you’re picking up on the conversation that you had in the previous email.

Remind subscribers of pain points & soLUTION

Add in a 1-2 sentence reminder of the pain points you’ve been addressing and how you’re here to help them.

Introduce your product / services

Give a brief overview of the specific products / services that your audience can utilize to overcome their pain points.

Features vs. Benefits

Talk about both the features of your product / service (specifics of what they’ll get) and the benefits (specific transformation.)

Call to action

Invite your audience to book/purchase/sign up, etc.

Keep the conversation going

Now that you’ve officially delivered your welcome sequence to new subscribers, it’s time to nurture them!

Continuing the conversation after welcoming your subscribers through this sequence is the key to keeping those brand new leads warm and engaged with your content. Here are few of our favorite tips for continuing to nurture your audience through email:

  • Consistency is key! Aim to send out a relevant, timely email to your list every one to two weeks to keep them engaged.
  • Your ongoing emails should be focused on providing value to your audience above simply promoting your products/services to them.
  • Aim for an 80/20 balance of value to promotion.
  • Post a weekly blog post or put out a new podcast episode each week? Use that content to inform the topics you discuss in your emails to your audience. We love repurposing content!

What are some struggles you have with your email marketing strategy? How are you promoting your email list to new subscribers? I always love knowing your thoughts and hearing from you in the comments below!

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