Monthly Horoscopes For August 2021

As August gets underway, Aries, you’ll be at a creative peak with the sun and chatty Mercury in Leo encouraging you to get out the art and craft materials. You’ll enjoy playing with colors and patterns. With the sun here until August 22, use this opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities. By letting others see what you’re capable of, you might get a few customers too.

Get ready, because the new moon in Leo on the eighth is a great opportunity to kick-start a project or entrepreneurial plan that could work out well for you. Plus, because passions are fired up, there is also the potential for a romance to begin.

Talkative Mercury moves into fastidious Virgo on August 11, followed by the sun on August 22. Thinking of getting organized? This is the time to go for it.

Lovely Venus shimmies into Libra on the fifteenth, adding extra warmth to your love life and other relationships. If you need to resolve a difficulty, her soothing presence can certainly help.

This month, the full moon in Aquarius occurs a few hours before the sun enters Virgo on August 22. If you have an event planned for this date, it could be a lot of fun. People could be easily triggered, though, so tread with care around sensitive subjects. 

Your lifestyle sector will be very busy with the sun, talkative Mercury, and fiery Mars helping to activate this zone. Work and wellness issues may come to the fore, gearing you up to eat more healthfully and get more exercise.

You might also want to adopt new systems that can help you be more productive and cut out distractions.

Finally, convivial Mercury moves into Libra on the twenty-ninth, which is perfect for seeing all sides of a discussion or argument.

While you might be busy in certain areas of your life, Taurus, the sun’s presence in your home zone until August 22 is a call to nurture yourself. No matter how crazy your schedule is, make time for some pampering, self-care and relaxation. If you need to delegate some tasks to allow this to happen, then do it.

Are you ready to give your place a makeover? If you feel your home lacks sparkle, this could be one of your jobs this month. Even just getting rid of clutter and adding a new coat of paint can make a real difference.

The new moon in Leo on the eighth could be a game changer because it’s perfect for making a fresh start. Whether you’re thinking of moving, remodeling, taking a special family vacation, or any other idea, this is the time to start. You might want to be bold and take a risk, and those famed Leo qualities of courage and leadership can assist you.

Dealmaker Mercury moves into Virgo on August 11, so you might be drawn to leisure options that involve learning a new skill or participating in cultural activities or crafts that require attention to detail.

Sweet Venus enters Libra on the fifteenth, and you may seek balance and harmony. If your life seems disjointed or you feel overwhelmed, this is the time to make a few changes.

The full moon in Aquarius on August 22 could put you in the spotlight, so be sure to act with integrity in everything you do. You might feel moved to speak out on an issue that is very personal to you, and doing so could help others who are affected.

Finally, the sun’s move into Virgo, also on the twenty-second, means you are in a peak time for creativity and romance. Be sure to enjoy yourself and make the most of it! 

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Positive developments looks very likely this month, Gemini, with the emphasis on your sector of talk and thought. There is much you can accomplish by connecting with others on your wavelength, but you could also step up and take on a project that you’re fairly passionate about.

The new moon in Leo on August 8 is the perfect time to initiate any new developments and plans to get them off to the best possible start. With the sun in Leo until the twenty-second, you might have a lot to say and be very persuasive. If you’re in sales, marketing, or media, this could be a busy time for you and one in which you could do well. Make use of your natural charisma to boost your results.

Mercury in your home zone from August 11 to August 29 is perfect for planning, decluttering, and generally getting organized. You can feel so much freer and happier with more space around you.

Delectable Venus moves into Libra on the fifteenth, helping romance blossom and boosting your creative abilities. Others might appreciate a skill that you’ve taken for granted, so use this opportunity to post your work on social media or show it in your local area. It could turn into an extra source of income.

The Aquarius full moon on April 22 could highlight an opportunity that you’re ready to grab. If one project has ended, the experience you’ve gained could set you up to handle something similar, and the rewards could be worthwhile.

Finally, the sun moves into Virgo, also on the twenty-second, which is a cue from the cosmos to kick back and unwind. Switch off when possible and opt for less screen time and more wholesome foods and activities. If you do this for a few weeks, you could emerge feeling refreshed and completely renewed.

As the month begins, Cancer, the sun in your personal financial sector shines a light on your current situation. If you’re ready to enhance your income, this is a great time to figure out a plan and get going. Feeling overwhelmed by financial responsibilities? You might want to look at ways to reduce expenditures and so lower any anxiety.

With some savvy thinking and a few brilliant ideas, you could soon be up to the mark and feeling much happier. And you have the help of the Leo new moon on August 8, which is perfect for initiating any entrepreneurial activities. Whatever you want to begin, start now.

There is also a lot of activity in your communication sector, which increases when brainy Mercury moves in on the eleventh, followed by the sun on the twenty-second. This is the time to reach out and make new connections as well as promote your work and get others interested in what you do. A lot of opportunities could come to you via social media and a blog or website if you have one.

Are you ready to beautify your home? With sweet Venus shimmying into Libra and your domestic sector on August 15, you might have an urge to give your place a fresh coat of paint or make other colorful and lively changes.

The full moon in Aquarius and an intensely emotional zone on the twenty-second can bring feelings to the surface that you may have swept under the carpet. Use this opportunity to find the cause and do something about it.

From August 22, the presence of the sun in Virgo for a four-week stay can be an opportunity to get organized. Declutter your office space, get rid of those messy paper piles, and sort out any admin.

Finally, as mindful Mercury moves into Libra on the twenty-ninth, this can be your opportunity to resolve any family issues and find a solution that suits everyone.

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With the sun in your sign until August 22, Leo, you can’t fail to shine—and gather an audience while you’re at it. The coming weeks could find you eager to be at the center of the action and showcase your leadership qualities and other talents. Dare to think outside the box and you’ll be even more in demand. Flexibility can be the key to being successful. Too much rigidity could cause talks and negotiations to fail. 

The new moon in your sign on the eighth is another positive indicator that good things are on their way to you. If you have big plans, this is a great time to put them into action. You can build momentum with the help of the moon tide as you take those first steps.

Money and finances are also in focus as fiery Mars continues in Virgo, encouraging you to put some energy into making more money and getting things better organized. Whether you want to save for something big, pay off debts, or start a side hustle, you’ll feel the push to go ahead.

A full moon in the last degree of Aquarius on August 22 could bring feelings bubbling to the surface, especially if a relationship issue has been ignored. Acknowledge these feelings and let them flow, because this can help release any charge around this matter. It’s easier for you to hold a conversation or make a decision when you’re in a more neutral place. 

Finally, the sun’s move into Virgo, also on the twenty-second, adds further emphasis to money matters and can be an opportunity to prioritize your goals and make a plan. The coming four weeks are excellent for decluttering your home and selling off or donating items you no longer need. You might also feel moved to market one of your skills to create a viable side business.

You might be very motivated but perhaps feel that something is holding you back, Virgo. The sun in a healing and private zone encourages you to deal with anything that is preventing you from moving forward. This is the time to find closure and tie up loose ends. Then when the sun enters your sign on August 22, you’ll feel more energized and ready to get moving. 

A new moon in Leo and your spiritual zone on the eighth paves the way for a new beginning. You might consider taking up meditation or learning about mindfulness. Anything that can help you stay calm and ease stress and anxiety has to be helpful. 

On August 11, logical Mercury moves into your sign, where it is very much at home. You might be more inclined to get organized and find ways to streamline your plans and routines.

You could get the shopping bug when sweet Venus moves into Libra on the fifteenth and the urge to splurge gets stronger. Venus is the ruler of Libra, so you could have a desire to balance your books while you’re also happy to purchase treats and items that have that touch of luxury about them. Perhaps you can find a way to do both.

There’s a full moon on in your lifestyle sector on August 22, and you’ll sense immediately if you’ve given yourself too much to do. If you feel overwhelmed, this is a sign to cut back and make more time to unwind and recharge. As Virgos tend to be workaholics, this is an opportunity to break out of this cycle and step into healthier ways of living.

Finally, the sun enters your sign on the twenty-second and remains here for four weeks, empowering you and encouraging you to focus on those things that are closest to your heart.

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While your social life shimmers with possibilities, Libra, there is a deeper pulse that encourages you to meditate and reflect. While the sun continues in your social sector until August 22, fiery Mars moves through your spiritual zone, accompanied by Venus until the fifteenth. 

Are you ready to move in new circles? This could be quite liberating, especially if you’ve felt a bit disconnected due to prudent Saturn’s rewind phase. Its continuing journey through your leisure zone may have put you in the mood to enjoy more alone time. This month, though, you’ll want to get out and about.

The new moon in Leo on August 8 is one of the best times for a new beginning. If you want to join groups or explore new interests, much good can come from mixing and mingling with a different set of people.

The focus on your spiritual sector means you’ll be more inclined to set aside time for yourself. Your interest might be on working on your inner game by changing your attitude and approach to key areas of your life. 

Lovely Venus moves into your sign on the fifteenth, and you can relax into being yourself. If you’re ready for a makeover, this can be a good time to change your image to match your current tastes.

Things could get a little bit emotional with a full moon in your leisure zone highlighting your relationship with another on August 22. Perhaps you don’t want to admit how strongly you feel about this person, but it could be difficult to hide.

The sun moves into Virgo on the twenty-second for a four-week stay, which means it’s time to tie up loose ends, find closure on edgy issues, and give yourself a chance to relax and recharge.

Enjoy the spotlight, Scorpio, and use this opportunity to reach your goals and impress all the right people. The sun in your fame zone until August 22 can be just what you need to propel you to greater heights. And with clever Mercury in Leo until the eleventh, these early days could find you eager to take advantage of new opportunities, especially those that involve your creative and entrepreneurial side.

Make full use of the new moon in Leo on August 8 to kick-start anything new. It might be the next phase in a career or business plan or a chance to step out on a new path. Your actions could be noticed by others, which is great for accountability and staying the course. If you make a promise, keep it and your reputation will be enhanced.

Dealmaker Mercury moves into Virgo on the eleventh, giving a boost to your social life and inspiring you to link up with your tribe and others on your wavelength.

Sweet Venus enters a private sector on August 15, which means it’s time to turn your loving attention to yourself. If you’ve been too busy for self-care, reflection, and a chance to chill, this is your opportunity to make it happen.

The full moon in Aquarius and your home zone on the twenty-second highlights your work/life balance. If something is out of sync, this when you’ll really notice. Don’t push your feelings away, but take note of them. It might be time to reorganize your day so that you have more time for all the important things.

Finally, as the sun moves into Virgo for a four-week stay, also on August 22, you might be ready to make a dream come true. If this is something you’ve wanted for a long time, you’ll be enthusiastic about making it happen.

You’re in the mood to travel and adopt an easygoing lifestyle, Sag, but you’re also eager to focus on your goals and ambitions. This is a time of learning as well as applying your knowledge to succeeding and making more money.

The sun in your sector of far horizons is helpful for moving out of your comfort zone and exploring new options. If you have big plans, get crucial information from experts who can give you tips and tricks to get there faster. If you need a life coach or business coach, now is the time to apply.

Are you ready to take things to the next level? The new moon in Leo on August 8 is at your service. Launch products, plan a trip, start a course, or explore an exciting opportunity.

As of the eleventh you’ll be in the mood for discussions that can help set ideas in motion. Logical Mercury’s move into Virgo and your career zone is great for planning, organizing, and getting others on board with key projects.

On August 15, sweet Venus adds sparkle to your social sector, rejuvenates friendships, and inspires you to connect with others on your wavelength.

There’s a full moon in Aquarius on the twenty-second, and you could get quite emotional about something. Perhaps you’ve been suppressing your feelings about it for some time. Allow yourself to acknowledge them because they may have something important to tell you. If you listen, you’ll sense what to do next and any issues can be resolved much sooner.

Finally, the radiant sun moves into Virgo and your sector of career and ambition, also on August 22, and its four-week stay here can illuminate fresh ideas and opportunities and help you get your plans in order. Try not to be too critical of yourself, because this could cause doubts and lead to analysis paralysis. It’s better to try than to tie yourself in knots.

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Finances and business matters could be high on your list of priorities this month, Capricorn. With the sun in an intense zone until August 22, this is the time to take stock of your money and investment situation and resolve any business issues. If you’re aware of any matters that need closure, be willing to let go of anything that no longer serves your best interests. It can clear a space for new opportunities that prove more beneficial.

The new moon in Leo on the eighth brings the chance of a gear change. You might make a deeper commitment to a course of action. Whether you want to launch a project, sign up a business partner, or invest in something new, this is the time to go ahead.

And with lovely Venus moving into Libra and a high-flying zone on August 15, you can use your charm to impress all the right people. Caring and cooperation can go a long way toward helping you succeed. Rather than be competitive, be willing to help others—even those who might compete against you—and your journey to the top will be easier.

The full moon in Aquarius on the twenty-second takes place across your financial axis and could inspire an urge to splurge. If you’re feeling vulnerable and needy for any reason, you could use shopping as a way to feel better about things. If you’re aware of this, it might be better to spend your cash on a massage or other treatment that can leave you feeling relaxed and good in yourself.

Finally, the sun moves into Virgo and your sector of travel and exploration on August 22 for a stay of around four weeks. This can highlight avenues for growth and expansion, and you might be eager to look at possibilities that can bring out the best in you.

Aquarius, relationships are a hot topic as this month gets underway. The sun and Mercury in Leo encourage an other-centered perspective. Putting the needs of the relationship, team, or group first means putting others’ concerns at the top of the agenda. You are looking at mutual benefits rather than solo gains. Working with others can mean you get more done to a better standard because you can pool resources and have more expertise at your disposal.

The new moon in Leo on August 8 is the moon phase to use if you want a fresh start. Having trouble with a key bond? A discussion could lead to new decisions and a plan that takes you into a positive future. If you’re ready to take a romance further, this is an opportunity to break the ice and get talking.

There is a lot of activity in a more intense zone with pushy Mars moving through Virgo. Clever Mercury moves in on the eleventh, followed by the sun on the twenty-second, which emphasizes this sector even further. 

You’ll be ready to weed out anything that is stopping you from blossoming and thriving. It’s time to cut out the deadwood and clear a space for new ideas and opportunities to sprout. You might need to wean yourself off of certain attachments, but if you’re serious about moving ahead, you’ll need to deal with this.

Luscious Venus moves into Libra and your sector of far horizons on August 15, so you could be looking for bigger and better experiences around relationships, money matters, image, and creativity. An open mind and a willingness to explore new options and try new things can help.

Finally, there is a full moon in your sign on the twenty-second that highlights your first house of self. If you’ve been wanting to make certain changes to the way you look or present yourself, this is perfect time to put them in place!

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Pisces, enjoy your work, be creative, and at the same time find a way to get organized this month. With the sun in Leo and your lifestyle sector until August 22, it’s time to streamline your affairs. There are creative opportunities showing up over the coming weeks, and you’ll need time to look into them. 

If your work is too routine and limiting, it could lose its sparkle. This is an opportunity to make changes and perhaps find something new if you’re unhappy. On the other hand, an attitude adjustment might also do the trick.

The new moon in Leo on the eighth could coincide with a promising interview or the start of a new job that allows you to use more of your talents. Also consider sending out your resume and seeing what response you get. Are you ready to ditch bad habits and start a new phase of healthy living? This is the time to go for it.

There is also a strong focus on relationships with fiery Mars inspiring you to be more proactive and clear the air where necessary. If a situation has been lingering for some time, this feisty influence could see you taking control and doing something positive about it.

There’s a full moon in your spiritual zone on August 22, so it’s important to take time out to relax and recharge. If you’ve been busy over the past several weeks, try to lighten your schedule and indulge in some self-care.

The sun’s move into Virgo, also on the twenty-second, could highlight the state of key relationships and give you some ideas about how you might improve on them. The coming weeks encourage you to cooperate, collaborate, and expand your network of contacts. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. 

Finally, with lovely Venus moving into Libra on August 15, one relationship could take a more passionate turn.

What is something you’re looking forward to in your horoscope this month? I always love hearing from you and would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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