Why I Stopped Taking Other Coaches, Consultants, and Business People’s Advice

When starting out in business, I needed the most guidance and wanted to surround myself with likeminded people. Because how many business owners do I know at my age? None. At least none are selfmade, in my local area, and are in the same industry. (Thanks, Al Gore’s internet!)

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It’s perfectly okay, because there are so many creators all around the world who are bringing people like me together on their platforms such as podcasts, Facebook Groups, courses they’re selling, and creating these much-needed communities on their own dime.

I cannot even begin to express how much I appreciate this, because it’s a full-time job and I’m learning to do this myself with a hands-on approach. It’s really hard!

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The 3 Problems:

We are consistently overloaded with valuable information!

The current issue is I’m overloaded with all of their advice, multiple types of coaches and consultant’s content, and have no idea how to take all of it in at once. I have signed up to everyone’s email list, am trying to keep up with all those I align with, and am enduring efforts to support each one of them with the proper attention. This means, I’m trying to treat everyone how I’d like to be treated if I were in their shoes — which I am sometimes in and wish to be more in really soon!

Everybody and their mom has an offer

Everybody has an offer, something to market more of their business to create more leads, and I’m already in. I’m sold. 

My emails — I have multiple for different purposes: shopping deals, personal, family, and one specifically for business advice, expenses, and consultants lol — have been consistently filled with everyone’s nurturing workflows and automated messages I cannot even. I block half days on Google Calendar just to make sure I go through them all and clean up for storage on my devices. It’s too much!

The Other Issue 

The other issue is I absolutely love those dopamine hits of checking my email and seeing something new. I always knowing what someone else has to say or offer. Even though I’ve taken a course before, there is always something new to learn, a different way to spin the idea, or plausibly an idea I haven’t heard before. There’s always so much to figure out and we can never fully grasp a notion without knowing all the possibilities.

What I’m currently listening to / ingesting:

  • 4 Audiobooks a week – on any subject nonfiction, some memoirs & biographies
  • Mindset videos that make me feel good / take me where I want to go with my goals
  • Motivational tutorials on how to keep the mindset
  • Self development playlists on youtube
  • Informational podcasts about global news + economics ** << I always listen to this no matter 
  • Any Netflix / streaming shows friends recommend – just to keep up socially
  • Hulu because the Housewives franchise, ‘nuff said. I just love to turn my brain off sometimes. 

How To Handle This Information Overload

Something I heard recently was someone said, “Imagine your time was worth money.” Since then, I’d treat each minute like $100. How would I spend this $100?

  1. Find what you know you will listen to
  2. What are the things you really want to listen to?
  3. Turn on notifications
  4. Unsubscribe / mute others if you still like them but know you won’t get around to it 

Not all tasks have to be profitable and an investment, but just quality moments spent wisely on things you actually care about. 

There was a really successful and wealthy man I was listening to who was a guest on a finance podcast that said something along the lines of, “When people are on their deathbed, they never say how they wish they would have worked more. But that they wish they spent more time with the ones they loved.”

Sometimes absorbing information doesn’t have to be how to grow your business all the time, or how to develop into a better human being. It can be turning your brain off and escaping by yourself or laughing at something with the ones you love. We desperately need that time to recharge as people to get back to the serious things that help us progress in other areas.

What are some ways you’re filtering the overload of information the world gives you these days? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

I’m Gia G. Dixon, an ILM certified etiquette consultant. Here is my guide to elegant style, high quality living, and little things that make your daily life glamorous.

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