5 Simple Branding Tips To Attract More Visitors

How are you setting yourself apart from your competition? How do you want customers to remember you? Branding is an important part of building a sustainable website, no matter how new your site is. Everything about building a brand online is more calculated than you think.

Every click, tap, or direction your eye moves around the page of a website or online platform guides you to perform a certain task possibly without realizing it. It also creates an indelible mark on someone’s memory regardless of what you’re serving.

Here are five quick tips for building your brand, attracting more customers, and keeping them coming back for more.

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1. Add a logo.

A great logo makes a memorable first impression. Choose something that represents you or your company and a design that will resonate with your site visitors.

People think logos have to say absolutely everything about their brand. The truth is this is where you say the least. Keep it simple. The higher end the brand, the less they do with their logo. Think Chanel. Who knew block letters could be so chic?

Living your brand is more important than the logo itself, so don’t go crazy attaching butterflies to curved letters and gliphs with all kinds of patterns. The easier it is for people to read, the better your brand will be recognized and remembered.

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2. Use a custom domain.

A custom domain reinforces your brand name and makes your URL memorable, so visitors can easily find you again.

Nobody wants a long, complicated chain of dashed words that make it harder for people to type. Also, people won’t remember where all the difficult signs and symbols will go. A name that’s catchy and just unique enough to leave an impression will be sufficient to say the least.

TIP: If your dream brand name is taken, add a call to action! For example, if XYZ.com is taken, use betheXYZ.com or signuptoXYZ.com.

A call to action makes people want to do something. People are naturally inclined to line up at a bakery if there are others waiting for an order. The same goes for telling them what to do online concisely. Your design is a conception people shouldn’t be able to erase from their mind and eventually recognize instantly.

3. Choose the right website design.

Maybe your site showcases your photography, or your personal style. Perhaps it’s an educational site, or a travel blog. Whatever your focus, there’s a theme that will beautifully showcase your words and images.

If you can afford to do so, buy a completely new theme. If you can build one from scratch — good for you! — do it. You want to stand out in your own way and if you’re using a theme that’s already existing and used by thousands of others in the online space, you are already behind.

Branding everything to do with your online presence takes the step further of marking your place in the digital realm. Making something your own is the most powerful you thing you can do as a brand.

4. Remove ads and unwanted distractions.

Ads can be distracting — creating a page online without ads means you get visitors’ undivided attention.

Keep things clean by letting the page have only one goal in mind. Whatever it is you’re selling, because you’re always selling something, is the goal. You can be selling the idea of someone visiting your Youtube channel, inspiring a visitor to buy one of your products, or simply stick around long enough to read a whole blog post.

You have to remember to keep the focus by understanding your target audience’s tendencies and keeping their eyes on the prize. Each generation has different ways of interpreting a website page and taking action, so knowing your ideal customer’s general motives can play a helping hand in your brand design.

It’s okay to have a dedicated page for promoting tons of content all at once and overwhelm the guest. However, each individual button on that page should lead to something beyond the button. For instance, if you’re selling a service, you’re creating a journey that makes your potential client read an expertise you have knowledge in, and somewhere in the post should lead to you creating a lead for your services.

What are some tips you have to take your digital branding to the next level? I’d love for you to share for all the readers in the comments below!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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