How To Stay Focussed And Manage Distractions

Keep productivity at an all-time high like a ladyboss

Get the basics in place.

  • When we are tired or hungry, inhibition is hard and it’s much easier to cave into the distraction.
  • By ignoring subtle cues from our body, we give permissions to ourselves to engage in a time-wasting distraction and lose the opportunity to get back to work.
  • By taking care of our health, we can leave these distractions at the door when we get back down to work.

Declutter your mind.

  • Whenever a distracting thought occurs, don’t ignore it. Acknowledge it and add it to your to-do list.
  • Schedule dedicated time for attending to distractions as part of planning. It could be time on social media, attending to emails, responding to teh calls, or anything that made it to your to-do distracted list.
  • Decluttering our mind by using these simple techniques every day frees up our mental resources to do focused work.

Get into action.

  • Fear of the unknown can distract us from even getting started.
  • The only way from letting fear take away our ability to do meaningful work is in action. Commit to making tiny progress on the task and doing it consistently. You get further the sooner you start.
  • Build routines around such tasks to replace fear with progress and distraction with action. Commitment to the task will slowly build the momentum.

Organize your [work] environment.

  • Everything in our work environment can be a source of distraction unless we learn to take control of it.
  • Set your priorities and communicate your plan by setting boundaries, establishing guidelines, and organizing your calendar well. Lack of clarity on tasks will not get you very far.

Last but not least

Turn your phone to Do not disturb mode. Your life will change. Once the project or tasks are over for the day, then you can turn it back on and block out some time to respond to the world’s needs once yours are taken care of!

If this helped you, I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. What are some ways you level up your productivity and minimize distraction? What are some things you’re trying out to stay focused on what needs to be done?

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