How To Have Self Discipline When You’re Feeling LAZY

Get over the hump with this Femme Founder's tips!

Hi Femme Founders!

I always love sharing other female entrepreneurs and what they’re up to. There’s so much stir in the world and influencer marketing when it comes to recommending the best answers to someone’s questions is always the best way to go when you’re seeking the opinion of someone similar to you.

For example, I wouldn’t ask my non-business-owning friends for business advice!

I found The Blissful Mind on Pinterest dropping some deep truths on staying motivated.


You know how goal oriented I am and extreme I can be when it comes to doing what it takes to complete a project. I will stay up until 8:30 am to finish something, because that’s just what works for me. Balance isn’t my forté and I don’t expect it to be. I don’t mind a little burnout, because I can rest and relax on another continent when it’s all done. My discipline is definitely a little different compared to others’.

For those of you who appreciate a little more sanity and balanced infrastructure, here’s how to stay motivated and stay sane while working towards your goals. It’s the journey right?

What are some moves you’re making to get closer to your goals? What are some things you’re doing to keep things exciting as you are on your way towards achieving these same goals? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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