Beauty Is Officially Here!

It’s actually been here for a while now on my Youtube channel considering a few beauty reviews that are up!

Just a heads up — things are about to get sexy.

Yes, I said it. This is one of the most exciting categories for me, because it’s not something I struggle with. A lot of my other categories are about the journey, achieving more than what I think I can do, but not something I already know I have some ground in.

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I haven’t been this excited in a while and am constantly shopping thousands of dollars almost every month for my beauty routine. (Don’t tell my husband! This is when I’m glad he doesn’t really keep up with my blog haha.)

But hyperpigmentation is such a huge deal for me. Finding a routine that’s sustainable when it comes to skincare and getting ready in the morning is imperative as someone who doesn’t like to do much. Well, things have always been up and down. I have never considered myself a minimalist at all — quite the matter of fact maximalist. But being extra when it comes to skincare is not my deal.

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Using the least on my skin has always been the way to go for me, because of drastic skin issues and sunburns that had my face dripping with puss since I was 5 years old have scarred me. And now that I’m a viable woman, endocrinal disruptors don’t scare me, but just keep me a little bit awake at night at times when I know I want to have a child later in life.

Beauty to me isn’t skindeep with skincare routines and makeup. It’s also about being wise with budgeting – not just monetarily – but also timewise and sustainably.

I’m not someone who’s a huge green person, considering I lived in one of the greenest countries on earth politically (Denmark), it was built a bit into me. But also having lived in California in my formative years has affected the way I see how the environment affects me skin and vise versa.

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What to expect

You already have a high tech beauty review to guide you on whether an investment as large as a Lightstim is worthy and the total polar antithesis of the saving money on acrylic nails by DIY-ing them at home.

I cannot wait to also share:

  • my hyperpigmentation skincare routine
  • photoshoot full beauty routine
  • travel beauty routines
  • daily beauty routines
  • minimal beauty routines that keep me surviving the toughest days
  • my all-out extra glam night out beauty routines
  • things I’m doing to stay beautified from the inside out
  • beauty + feminine mindsets that help me feel beautiful and will definitely help you too 100%!
  • my all-time favorite signature scents
  • hair help – because we ALL need it
  • breakout prevention hacks
  • facial treatments from my dermatologist, facialist, and DIY
  • IPL photofacial lasers
  • filler & botox procedures
  • my full surgeries and operations I’ll be going through in July
  • and so much more!

This is a lot to digest. And there are some big lifetime things in here that not a lot of people might ever see in their lifetime. Bless them. But I’m thrilled to give you an inside look on all the personal things I go through so you don’t have to, or if you are doing research on your next treatment.

I have all the tools at home for almost every kind of treatment you have thought of. In case you didn’t know, I used to work at a plastic surgery center in Beverly Hills and I’m from the country that literally lands as number 1 for the best cosmetic surgery and global beauty standards. Hint hint: a lot of supermodels are from this nation. 😉

Being completely objective and enhancing my experience by sharing it with you, I hope you find all that you’re looking for, find something educational, or even just entertaining! All my beauty secrets are now safe with you.

If you have any questions about my journey or one you’re going through yourself, I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below! Want to see about a particular procedure or treatment? I’d love to try it out just to post it for you.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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