How To Release A Video On Youtube Every Single Day!

Hi Femme Founders!

This post should be called “How To Be A Crazy Person Just Like Me”. Haha. Get comfortable with your computer and change your relationship with your Youtube audience.

It’s funny because Youtube is my favorite place to post. It takes the most work, the most time, the most effort, yet it doesn’t feel like it. Where I absolutely dread going on Planoly to post a scheduled carousel post, because they couldn’t exactly automate it for me and it takes a minute to press a couple buttons to do it!

I know. I sound unreasonable, but Youtube is a place where I feel like I’m instantly connecting with my audience by just being myself.

The comments on there are amazing too, so I know by the feedback that whatever it is I’m posting is definitely helping. Aside from that, people get a feel for who you are faster just by your facial expressions and tone of voice. This way people can actually connect with you faster outside of looking at a still photo where people are trying to decide if your outfit is cute and if your caption is even being read.

Finally, I put my shoulder to the wheel and wanted to grow my audience by posting as many answers as possible on Youtube to answer people’s questions!

It got really interesting, because the things I’m interested in like surgery, cosmetic procedures, fashion, and beauty are the things I’m blowing up in! I managed to get to be the 2nd or 4th posts in SEO Youtube search with a handful of my videos! Something to definitely feel proud about. But I want to keep growing.

Why post every day? Are you insane?

I want to scale my watch hours. However, it’s difficult to scale shorter videos and gain more watch hours using them. BUT they’re the ones that get the most views.

When you’re searching for a tutorial on Youtube, don’t you choose the shortest video to get the faster answer?

Personally, I watch multiple videos if I’m really trying to nail a task well, but will turn the speed up using the Playback Settings on the right side of the video with the cog icon. I get more done and get the information faster!

How can you even do this?

Not every single video I post is going to be about 15-20 minutes long. You’ll be able to see the topics that you want and get an answer right away, because who has time to watch half an hour long videos?! Not my Femme Founders!

The Method

I literally just connect my Macbook Air’s photo booth app, make sure I have some good lighting. The lighting is the second most important part and the audio is the first.

There have been statistics that stated people care more about audio than anything else, so that was the first thing I invested in.

These are the core items I use daily to schedule and edit posts. The setup is literally less than 2 seconds!

I just plug the microphone in with my adapter and start recording on the photo booth app. However you might need to go into your System Preferences and make sure it’s connected to your sound, so when you press record it doesn’t still just use your Macbook Air microphone built in.

The setup is literally so fast that you have no excuse not to post!

USB Adapters for Macbook Air

I have two adapters, because I’m extra and it has to match my rose gold Macbook Air. Also had to get one with multiple plugs for an intense editing session.


As I stated earlier, lighting the second most important thing. If audio is jacked up and broken up, people will turn off the video and skip to another. If you want people to stay for a long time, get better lighting. Your camera can be a bit lesser quality, but good lighting will save you.

If people see your good skin and how good you look everyday in this post, looking fresh, or even looking real nad unkempt, that’s okay too! Just make sure people get to see the real you!

Did you know?

Influencers during the pandemic who had a Youtube channel monetized 76% MORE than those who didn’t? I’m definitely prioritizing my creation for this platform!

How to stay consistent

This is easy. Okay, so you see how I said this is easy and you kind of breathed a sigh of relief? That’s how you should take on every task you are about to perform! You’re interested and want to know more, therefore are more perceptive and will do better when doing this for yourself in the future!

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My move is to simply batch the content, set up all the descriptions and disclaimer formats in my notes and permanent Youtube description setting when you press “Manage Videos”.

Youtube allows you to schedule out content for as far ahead in advance as you make videos. This makes everything so much easier.

What do I do for thumbnails? How do I create thumbnails people can’t resist?!

I use Canva Pro!

Just type in “Youtube Thumbnails” into the search bar and there should that exact option that pops up. There’s a trick to creating them though.

  1. Use 4 words max in your thumbnail that get the gist of your post.
  2. Have there be a photo of your face people can connect to.
  3. Make the background light and the text dark & clear.
  4. Use an easy to read font. Don’t use script or any cursive. If it takes an extra second for people to read it when they’re scrolling – you already lost!
  5. They say to have the photo on the right and writing on the left, because when you hover your cursor on thumbnails, the options come up on the right to press. You still want to be able to see the writing, but there’s perfectly optional.

Download your image – highly preferred as a PNG file. Then add it into your video setup uploading your video!

QUICK TIP: Also, you might need some extra space on your computer, especially if you’re using such a lightweight, fabulous lap top as the Macbook Air. So I included the same TB drive for backup space to keep all my b-roll and footage in a safe place.

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What are some things you’d like to see in video format? What are some topics you’re struggling with and want to learn more about? I’d love to know your feedback in the comments below!

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