Here’s Exactly How To Stay Motivated When Working Towards Your Goals [Video]

If you feel like you're falling behind or don't want to get close to the danger of the feeling - READ THIS!

It’s one thing to be out of motivation. It’s another to have my level of anxiety and OCD by planning to NOT have the feeling of falling behind.

Creating a goal to reach toward is something that gives us hope to carry on. But it’s the journey and work that is the hardest part.

You know how in marketing we’re always selling the transformation as opposed to the features? We have to remember our ‘why’ and end result when selling ourselves the goal. We don’t want the features and listicles of systems to set in place. But we have to rewire our brain to get comfortable with the discomfort and charge those actions with fuel.

Conquering those feelings of not being able to catch up with yourself is a thing of the past. Here’s how to get over that feeling with a sense of preparedness, and dominate your goals.

Stay motivated. Dream big. Stay sane!

What are some ways you’re conquering your feelings of falling behind? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you!

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