3 Not-So-Magic Tricks To Grow Your Facebook Group

I started my Community FB group (free group) years ago because I wanted to create a community and a space for ‘my people’ to learn, have real conversations and develop themselves and their businesses. 

…a place where I could interact in real time and have real time conversations with my audience. 

I’ve learned a lot about what to do and not do when starting and growing a FB groups and over the next couple of emails I’m going to share them with you.  

What is a Community FB Group?

A community FB group is your free FB group that you’ll use to build your audience. The majority of the people in your free group should be ideal prospects. 

The other type of FB group is a program specific FB group which is where you have your paying clients. So the community FB group is to build, nurture and convert your audience and the program group is used to coach your clients. Make sense? 

Ok, now for the tricks 🙂 

TRICK # 1: The name

Don’t be cute or clever. You want your group to be found when prospects search it, which means you need to include popular keywords in the name of your group so that it gets triggered in a search. 

Ahemmmmm, this means that you MUST know your niche and ideal client and the words they’re using to search for solutions. 

Don’t worry, you can change the name of your group as long as it’s under 5,000 members. 

TRICK # 2: Your face

Your face, your identity and your authority MUST be present from the start. 

If your image isn’t a part of your cover timeline photo, change that and add your face. If your face either as a photo or video isn’t a part of your welcome post, change it. 

You are the creator of the group, the expert and founder of your business… the group isn’t a library meant only to be giving away free info. It’s a business asset that you use to educate, nurture and then extend the invitation into transformation. 

TRICK # 3: Get personal 

The type of content that works to build a connected, intimate and loyal audience that wants to work with you has changed, especially in the last 2-3 years. 

Sharing personal stories, lessons, funny things, insights– going LIVE, vs lecture style educational posts makes a huge difference when it comes to growing your Community FB group. 

People are on social media to be social, to feel a sense of escape and to be entertained. 

Think about ways you can entertain them while still educating them. 

Those are the types of posts that get engagement… the personal ones, NOT the teaching ones. And you need engagement for the algotherm. When FB deems your group popular it will show it to other FB users that it feels would be a good fit. 

Basically, FB is promoting your group for you… how cool is that?!

It’s true that the type of content that works across all social media platforms has changed. Trends happen, it’s a sign of the times. What doesn’t change are the fundamentals of how to grow an audience and convert them into clients. 

A Community FB group is a tool, an asset– you can have a big Community group, just like you can have a big social media presence and still be brokkkkkeeeeeee. 

On the flip side, when you know how to grow a profitable FB group and have the business fundamentals down… the sky IS the limit.

Having a Community FB group is one of the best ways to get clients.

What are some wins and goals you have for your Facebook Group? I’d love to know more of your thoughts in the comments below!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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