How To Scale Your Biz With Multiple Streams Of Income

Creating multiple streams of income is how you scale your business to consistent $20K + cash months.

By having different products at different price points you can convert your audience no matter where they are in the customer journey with you.

And having different products also allows you to create recurring revenue and stack your income…

Which equals those higher cash months.

My varied revenue streams are what have allowed my clients to hit consistent 60-70k CASH months.

My business revenue streams:

1:1 – High Ticket Offer

I only ever have a few 1:1 clients at a time. You don’t have to focus on 1:1 to scale to multiple 5 figures. Most of my revenue comes from my mastermind and lower-priced offers. This takes the most time and care when it come to the list of offers, because each client is different in handling their business. Some need more TLC than others and that time and service has to be factored in.


This is the million-dollar product and its allowed me to generate multiple 6 figures in my business. It’s a high-level container that allows me to create recurring revenue so even if I don’t launch anything else I know I’ll bring in 25K into my business per month.

Scale With Courses 

My signature program will be launching soon, but I’ve had created a couple before for my one-on-one clients. This a pre-recorded course with live elements. It’s set up in a way where I can have hundreds of people join but it doesn’t cost me too much extra time. I launch this with live launches and an evergreen model so I can sell it anytime.

Low ticket offers 

These are great for passive income. Once someone has converted once they are 10 times likely to convert again. These products are paid leads and are great for upselling people into my other offers.

Scaling and creating multiple revenue streams is the key.

What are some monetization tactics you’ve used to level up your income? I’d love to know more of your thoughts in the comments!

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