How To Go Viral With Every Single Post

Check all these items off before posting to make sure you have everything you need to potentially create thumb-stopping, delicious user-generated content people can’t take their thumbs off.

Here are the ultimate How To Go Viral Checklist Questions:

Do you consider this post KILLER (or at least GREAT) content?

You can’t build a popular blog with mediocre content because people will almost never share mediocre content. You have to make sure you’re constantly adding value to keep people interested in what you have to say. Contribute to their lives in any way you can. Even if it’s short!

What is the point of this post?

Every post should have a point. Is it answering a common question you have received from your followers? Is it a topical/trending topic? You shouldn’t be posting for no reason. Unless you’re a proper Instagram model, or you are sharing a place you want to be seen to share the abundance of your life’s latest updates, you should be moving people toward where you want them to go.

This could mean to buy a product or service of yours. Or to get people to read / see more of your content. To warm up an audience for a future launch for a new product or service you will be releasing in a month. Every post should be strategic unless you’re giving baby news or an announcement of some sort.

Before an announcement, you still have to warm people up and tell them something big is coming to get them excited and wanting to look forward to more of your posts. Even if they aren’t your target audience, people will wonder out of curiosity, so don’t be afraid to get people on their toes!

Who is my reader, and will they like this?

Will your followers be interested in it? Will it excite, entertain or inspire your readers to want to share it? 

Imagine your typical follower and ask yourself, will they enjoy or benefit from this post?

Try to incorporate a story into your post as much as possible – your readers will be bored unless you keep them hooked.

When you consider your reader, you also want to sound like you’re reading their mind by getting specific with imagery and really dive into solving their issue.

TIP: Your customer is probably an old version of who you used to be before you found this solution. think of what helped you and channel that into your post by going into detail!

Is there a results-driven tip I can include in the post?

Remember, people are more likely to talk about and share things that have practical value in their lives, tips they can get fast results from.

Is there one tip you could offer to your readers in the post that they could very quickly apply to their lives and hopefully get results from? 

TIP: One way to people to take action is by giving a call to action or CTA. This literally tells people what to do. For example: “Shop Now” or “Read now!” or “Check this out now–you’re not going to want to miss this.”

It’s so simple, but people are naturally inclined to be told what to do and follow directions simply if you tell them. If you don’t, you’re missing out on the opportunity to really get to know your audience by not giving them the chance to engage.

Also, you can see I added a sense of urgency. People don’t necessarily react unless you pressure them with deadlines. Macy’s has a one day sale and they clear the store out with hoards of people stampeding the store. Same goes for whatever it is you’re selling your audience. You’re ALWAYS selling something. Even if it’s just getting eyes on your captions. You have to be convincing and add time as a construct to the equation.

Adding “now”, or “today”, or “ASAP” to a verb have been proven to increase sales 320%+. F*CKING INSANE, right?

Will this post title make people want to click through and read?

Something I like to say is,


All caps, because I was screaming this at my lap top. Haha truly the headline is where people are instantly captivated, so missing your chance should be no nonsense if you get this right. I was born to create ads, because I know how to “drop bombs” on people. (So I’ve been told multiple times.)

Give your clients the juicy big alarming keywords that wake them up.

It also makes for great storytelling. Get creative and bend your marketing efforts to work for you in ways you never thought.

If you’ve ever created a Google Ad before (they’re very expensive, considering they cost more than Facebook ads and have broader targets), you will see a meter that tells you how good your headline is. There’s also Headline Analyzer.

For example: My husband is more left-brained and he was helping me with Google Ads when i was first starting the baby stages of my biz. He typed in “Art for sale”, and Google’s meter went red with a 1% next to it. Who tf is going to check out something that says “Art for sale”?

I’m not. Maybe if there’s a beautiful painting image next to it, but I wouldn’t even stop and just keep scrolling. Your headline has to speak for itself even without an image because things go awry on the internet sometimes. What kind of art? who’s art? Is the art in a gallery?

When I had a crack at it, I typed in, “Bring the exhibit to your living room.” There’s so much more imagery and appreciation to those words. Giving people a look into the result of what you’re selling makes an impact on how they view your product.

Will the post title:

  • Get the reader’s attention?
  • Convey a benefit?
  • Make the reader curious?

Once you start creating content for your audience, make it stand out – the more it catches people’s eyes, the more likely that it will be shared. You should be aiming to give all of your content as much “viral life” as possible. And one of the best places to start is with your headlines. 

Have I used keywords in my title, URL, and images to help search engines find my post?

If you’re new to SEO, just ask yourself this one question when you’re thinking about a good keyword for your blog post title:

 “Would someone type my headline into Google?”

If the answer is yes, then you are more likely to get more search traffic. You can search for keywords here: https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner

Another trick is to use Google Trends to see what people are searching and what keywords are hottest on fire. It also shows you what keywords have gone down in search terms. it’s basically a bible for how to get people to find you on the internet.

SEO [aka marketing that works while you sleep] is a whole chapter in itself and I could easily write a novel about this tidal wave of a subject. The key here is to simply be RELEVANT.

You rank higher in Google’s index when you are an expert in the field.

For example:

I once Googled something about clean beauty. Vogue Beauty — an industry leader in the general beauty field ranked number 4 while a small beauty company I never heard of which was apparently a clean beauty manufacturer ranked higher. Their post that showed up was an in-depth dissertation on the ingredients and what it means to be clean. The relevance was real when they positioned themselves as an expert in their niche.

Anybody can rank and be found. It’s just a matter of positioning your brand carefully.

Are all my links working?

If you’re linking out to other sites, it’s important to double-check that each hyperlink is working correctly. Broken links are a no-no, so you want to update at least every 3 months to check your digital content.

Are all of my photos sized and formatted correctly?

Ideally, you want to make your photos as small in size (file size) as possible so your page loads fast. If all your photos are too big, your pages will load slowly which has a negative impact on your SEO and annoys your reader. You can simply google what dimensions fit your format the best and use Canva – totally free to resize any custom image.

Are there brands I can mention in my social media promotions?

Think of brands you can link out too? Of course, it needs to be relevant, don’t link out randomly. A brand re-sharing one of your posts can be a great boost for your blog. Don’t “@” mention the brands you mention in your posts on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Simply tag them. Unless they pay you, don’t mention them in the @. Hard stop.

Did I end my post with a question? 

This is a great way to help you get more comments and encourage people to share your content with their friends. Get people to genuinely engage and then engage some more. My trick is to answer their comment with another question asking them why they thought of that comment. It gets the conversation rolling, getting to know your customer/audience, and it triples your engagement!

And that’s it!

It’s now time to push the publish button and share your perfect blog post with your social following, your email subscribers, and the world!

What have you noticed your audience likes when you post? What kind of content of yours are they into? I’d love to know more of your results int he comments!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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