The Fashion Category Is Officially Here!

We’ve actually been here for a while behind the scenes and on YouTube, but here we are announcing it officially on the blog. And when I see “we”, I just mean me, Gia. 😀😘 Just a force of habit when working with my team on social platforms. But when it comes to this wonderful blog, this is all me! The mouthpiece of all my being–especially personal updates.

With that said, I have always been on a crazy journey discovering styles and addressing a shopping addiction. Just kidding, sort of?

The difference is now I get most of the stuff for free, sharing it with you guys from all the stores where I used to constantly shop.

There are a few factors to why I forced myself to stop shopping:

1. Pollution

It sucks to say that it hurts the earth to use all this water washing clothes to make them fit properly behind the scenes of the clothig industry. On top of a lot of other types pollution it creates.

2. Spending Wiser

I wanted to control my spending and save more for investing. Which, hallelujah, it’s been doing not so bad! (And potentially the smartest decision when spending money to make more money to spend later.)

3. Trends are not my friends.

Trends are fun, but only when they are flattering for your body type. I actually have a capsule wardrobe of about 10 ensembles — enough extra to wear when not prioritizing laundry day. But in the spring and summer, I absolutely love switching it up as Los Angeles is a playground for color, plentiful floral-wear, and boho diversity in one’s outfit.

I love the classic elegant look and you can always turn a young, sexy slip dress into a classy assemblage with a hat and birkin basket. Or even a grandma-looking midi dress into a younger aesthetic with the right accessories. I think it’s all accessories, truly.

Fashion is one of the most exciting ways to express yourself. But it’s also imperative to your image as a brand. It’s the first thing people see without talking and you make an instant impression in the first few seconds of meeting someone. Even if you don’t remember, it’s highly likely someone else will by the feeling you gave them based on your appearance.

Dressing appropriately is good manners.

I’m not one of those people who think etiquette is everything. Substance is everything.

But the reason for etiquette is compassion and hygiene. From my personal experience at least. And what I observed with other people. It’s not to be stuck up or make people feel out of place. Quite the opposite. It’s a matter of making those around you feel comfortable and cared for.

Fashion is a part of our everyday lives and I’m one of those people who truly does dress up when at home. And yes, I do mean sometimes I’ll wear a gown if it calls for dancing and dinner at home at night when inviting friends over.

People think I’m extra, when the truth is I’m kind of old school that way. I do not like sitting feeling comfortable. Challenges are my thing! If you haven’t noticed so far.😉

Speaking of challenging oneself…

Cliché Incoming: Fashion comes and goes but style is forever (now with my twist:) because we are constantly evolving.

Female entrepreneurs are constantly pivoting, whether it’s their message, image, and the way they feel about themselves. we want to make changes to feel better, and the first, easiest thing we can do is train our brains by visually creating goals.

That’s why we have moodboards and vision boards. To see our ambitions on paper. We see it on ourselves first thing in the way we dress. We also feel better about ourselves when seeing a visible alteration. A sense of being a step closer to who we want to be.

What To Expect / How To Describe My Style

  • Imagine if Audrey Hepburn and a Spice Girl had a baby. It’s going to get complicated, sophisticated, and fun, so stick around! You’ll see exactly what I mean.
  • Classic, elegant, ethereal, all white, sometimes all colors. take your pick. I just tend to avoid wearing black because it brings down my mood, and also EVERYONE wears it. What’s up with that?
  • In the spring and summer, I love an explosion of boho dreams, floral grandma with lace gloves for tea time, and sitting out in the sun almost naked in the grass with a big sun hat. Barefoot vibes are my style goals in this warmer climate.
  • For the colder seasons, I appreciate more velvets, bright, loud jewel tones, and all kinds of rich textures. this can be silk, velvet, jacquard, and all kinds of embroidery, and sequins. Think Louis XIV. Not Marie Antoinette. I’m talking the. guy who wore heels to be extra
  • Oh, and super insanely elevated glam, because I love going to dinners about town and the oepra, ballet, and philharmonic, because experience everything!

Also, no, I do not wear jeans. But I own a few pairs! Classic mid-rise skinnies, some high waisted white skinnies, but mostly straight leg white denim is my go-to.

My accessories game is also glowing up as I have been slowly adding to my Hermes and Chanel collection this past year. I’m a huge fan of Chanel when it comes to walk-able stylish shoes for summer, and Hermes for timeless bags that hold everything you need without foregoing the all-important emergency female kits. Can’t wait to share it all with you.

Check in tomorrow for the first haul drop to officially land on the Femme Founders by Gia Dixon page!

What kind of style are you looking forward to seeing/would like to see? I’d love to know more of your thoughts in the comments!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

I’m Gia G. Dixon, an ILM certified etiquette consultant. Here is my guide to elegant style, high quality living, and little things that make your daily life glamorous.

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