Why “Rich” Does Not Equal Money💸🤑

How mindset and lifestyle can make your income skyrocket

Someone who makes $50,000 can be richer than someone who makes $100,000.

And someone who makes $500,000 can be richer than someone who makes $100,000.

It all depends on what you’re measuring.

Because if you are working 80 hours a week for that 100k, then you are less rich than someone working 15 hours a week for 50k.

Rich does NOT mean money.

Rich is the quality of life you create from your business.

Rich is spending time with your family.

Rich is being financially supported by your business WHILE having freedom.

I built my business off of the basis of freedom. Or as I like. to call it– “freedom based foundership”.

And this is because I know how empty it feels to hit your financial goals and be unfulfilled because of overworking.

Money is nothing if it isn’t supporting the lifestyle you wish to live.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs I see who are starting out burning out. Which I think is okay to experience at first to get a sense of fulfillment of what it means to work in your business. Next time you will know exactly who to hire and what for.

But beyond that, if you’ve been working IN your business after already have created a brand/product/service that you know has been selling tried and true, there’s something not fully right here. There’s nothing wrong with it, because some people truly love their work and prefer to be hands on. But being able to step away and let your machine run on its own is a gift. You’ve built something that is worth high regard in my book.

Moreover, I see digital veterans losing money from putting all their efforts into their work with less gains considering the time they use. Time is precious and constantly moving–as is with energy. However energy can be recharged.

Founders working efficiently with their time creates a longer lasting relationship with their business, lifestyle, and higher rate of demand.

Brand owners who make $1,000,000 after expenses, time, and marketing efforts from putting $1,050,000 in. are better off working a steady office job which benefits and less hours. Scaling is a biotch.

I now work 15 hour weeks, am supported by my team, and get to spend my time with. my puppy and loved ones. While creating content, marketing my enterprises, helping others glow up in theirs, and share stylish secrets while doing it all. Oh and staying on top of my feminine hormones <–cannot forget that huge health one! Losing sleep to your industriousness is not worth the moodiness with your family.

This is how to scale. Because if you are sacrificing all of your time and working harder to scale your business, you’re not focusing on the right things.

You don’t have the right support in place.

If I was doing the same things now that it took for me to get to consistent 10k months, it would not work.

If I was doing the same things now that it took for me to get to consistent 20k months, it would not work.

Scaling isn’t about working harder.
It’s about creating the life of freedom AND the income you desire.

This is a huge part of the work I do with my clients.
We never focus on money without freedom or freedom without money.

It gets to be both. Your business should provide both.

You get to be rich in all aspects of the word, not just money.

What is something that makes you feel richer outside or inside of your business? I’d love to know more in the comments about the things that fulfill you!

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