How To Actually Get To Six Figures In Your Business

Getting To Consistent 6 + Multiple 6 Figures in a way you hate is not sustainable. Hustling and working 24/7 can push you further away from your goal as opposed to getting you closer.

When you start hitting 5 figure months, it may seem like doing more is the answer to making more because that was how you scaled to 10k in the first place.At the beginning of people’s businesses, you do typically work more to create and grow your brand, sell-out offers, and grow your following.

But as you have these things established and are hitting your income goes, you need to start doing things differently or you will find yourself burnout.

You may already be in a place of burnout feeling confused about what people mean when they talk about scaling.

It may feel like you are working harder and harder from launch to launch yet you are seeing others in your industry having massive launches with ease. I promise this is possible for you, you’re just focusing on the wrong thing to get you there.

Because the truth is, what you did to get from 0-10k months is not what you’ll be doing to get to consistent 10-30 months. And if it is, you’ll find yourself overworking, burnout, and resenting your business. A combination of a strong strategy, mindset, and healthy habits is the key to scaling a 6 figure business.

This is because you need to know the things to focus on when creating consentient scalability and help my clients to do the same. I promise you, the money is not worth it if you are burnt out and have no freedom.

To scale you need to:

  • Have A Goal & Strategy
  • Set Up Your Product Suite For Scaling
  • Map Out Your Launches So You Can Income Stack
  • Adopt Healthy Habits
  • Grow Your Team
  • Invest In Yourself & Your Business

To scale you need to stop:

  • Trying to do everything yourself
  • Jumping from coach to coach and strategy to strategy
  • Working all the hours
  • Only looking at the short term plan

What are things you are doing to tweak your scaling process on your journey in owning a growing business? I’d love to know more of your thoughts in the comments!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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