Things That Are Not Your Job When Scaling Your Business

Your job while scaling your business:


Finding the tactics and mapping out ideas for your next moves are what you should be focusing your energies on. This can be pivoting, or getting inspired with new ideas to spread make your brand better.


How else are you going to run an empire, if there is nobody knows about your big bad business? I see people all the time who have an amazing idea, post it on their Instagram a couple times, and considering it a flop, because they didn’t know what else to do. That ain’t how it works when you’re the brain –or even face of the biz.

Networking, partnering, and collaborating to spread the word about your brand are imperative for marketing the spectacular offers you have.

The Brand

If your business is so far just you, or maybe your partner, or friend, or VA, you’re going to be the face of your brand. You’re the spokesperson, the personal and professional brand people will instantly recognize when hearing your name or seeing your face.

Shameless self promotion might be a part of your tactics for marketing your services on Instagram. It can be showing up to a podcast to share your story. Or simple partnering with someone else’s email list to get introduced to a whole new audience.

Whatever it is–you’re the one who is recognized and are the brand. You embody what solutions people need for the industry you’re in.

The Leader

Whether you have a two-person tea or a group of 30, you will be the one in charge of calling the big shots. Moving the needle is a little bit of everyone’s job when it comes to a collaborative structure that makes your company. You as the founder are the reason all these people have a job to begin with, so it’s your job to grow, creating more for not just you anymore.

Not your job:

The Admin Stuff

If you’re a team of one, you might feel like throwing your lap top against the wall sometimes. That’s ok. Finding all the systems, recording them, and training others to do what you do will come! Using programs for automation is your friend.

But once you’re at the level of having a team to delegate to, outsource all the jobs as much as you can. This means, you shouldn’t be answering your own calls. Responding to DMs for clients can be your main job, because you’re the only one who knows your signature pitch. But receiving news, staying updated with clients, and other updates in your sphere.

Putting out the fires

When something blows up with a glitch on your website, something with your Facebook ads all of a sudden isn’t working, or your account login is fudged for some reason — this ain’t your job. Sometimes these things can take a couple days to fix, but you are here to oversee the greater ideas of what your business are. If they take a few minutes to fix, all the more reason it should be outsourced, so you can continue working when in the genius zone.

Doing everything manually

Your phone shouldn’t be loaded with tons of reminder notifications for your business. You get to clear your phone, because you worked so hard to get to this point in scaling your enterprise. Clear your mind, clear your phone, spend time with yourself, and put your foot down to settle those boundaries when it comes down to the details.

When working with a hired crew, and all are collaborating properly, this shouldn’t be an issue. What you discussed should and agreed upon should be their goal as contractors to have trust on both sides. After all, you respect each other and one another’s work.

Wearing all of the hats

It can be really tempting to micro manage and breathe over the shoulders of everyone on your team. You can tell someone aligns with you if you can trust them to handle your baby–I mean business.

If you’re working in your business and not on your business, it’s time to change that. If you’re doing all the things and you’re ready to actually start scaling and have freedom, you will know you have made it when you are managing these tasks accordingly.

In what stage is your business where you started realizing you needed help? I’d love to know more of your thoughts in the comments!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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