4 Tips To Grow Your Email List Fast

You are getting ready to launch a new latest digital offer, but what if you don’t have must of an email list yet?

That’s OK!

We all start from scratch, so consider this your time to start.

The 4 Methods of Building An Email List:

There are 4 primary ways of building an email list. There are lots of different things you can do within these methods, but everything falls into one of these main buckets:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Evergreen Content Marketing
  3. Partnerships + Collaborations
  4. Paid Ads

I’m going to focus on the first three below. Running paid ads requires a budget, and I believe that it’s better to get your “organic” (ie. not paid!) marketing strategies going first. You can layer in paid ads once you’re


How do you get people to sign up to your list?

With any of the methods below, the idea is to always lead the audience onto your email list. The main way of doing this is with a “gift” — a freebie lead magnet that will encourage them to want to get on your email list. No one wants to sign up for yet another newsletter… you need to make it exciting!

Lead Magnet Ideas:

  • PDF, checklist, eBook, templates, swipe files, spreadsheet, downloadable, printable, etc.
  • A Quiz 
  • Audio files (meditations, trainings, etc)
  • A video training (pre-recorded)
  • Attend a free live training (make it pitch-free and just super valuable for your audience)
  • Use a waitlist page for your upcoming course

Remember that your lead magnet MUST connect directly to what your course is about (otherwise you will get a bunch of subscribers that aren’t the right target audience).

Method #1: Social Media

If you do NOT have any social media accounts yet for your business, time to choose one!

Pick one platform that you enjoy and where your target audience hangs out. Do not try to do all of these as you will do them all poorly. Just choose one and focus your energy there.

This could be…

  • Instagram
  • A Free Facebook Group
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • …etc!

Then start to create consistent content and get yourself visible. Remember that everything you do should lead back to your email list.

Method #2: “Evergreen” Content Marketing 

Content marketing refers to you creating content that attracts an audience. This could look like social media content (posts, videos, etc) but also refers to evergreen content.

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t expire. It doesn’t disappear or go out of rotation, like on social media.

For evergreen content, you have 3 main choices:
-Videos –> Posted on YouTube
-Articles –> Posted on your Blog/Website
-Podcast –> Available on all Podcast streaming services

I recommend that people choose ONE method of evergreen content marketing + ONE social media platform to focus on. It can be slow and steady – you don’t need to go and create a YouTube channel with 100 videos right off the bat.

Method #3: Partnerships

One of the fastest, and free ways, to grow your email list is to get yourself in front of OTHER PEOPLE’S audiences.

Look for influencers, free Facebook Groups, podcasts, and paid communities of your ideal audience where the creator doesn’t sell a competing product to your course and pitch yourself.

Get on podcasts. Offer free live trainings to their audiences. Drop your lead magnet into free facebook groups (where it’s appropriate).

Every time you land a partnership, pitch your lead magnet at the end of it to encourage people to sign up for your amazing thing where they can learn more!

Method #4: Paid Ads

Ads are an organic way to grow your email list despite what people think. It’s just expediting the process the finding the people for you and with a precise target of finding your dream audience. This works based on how which platform you’re using tracks people’s movements on the net, and reaches them at an accelerated rate.

Don’t dismiss it or forego reading the guidelines for advertising with the platform you’re using! It’s definitely worth it, because you can save tons of money avoiding or pushing what they want you to sell. You will help your business also by collecting all the data from how your ads respond.

The analytics will tell you exactly how much money you need to get a lead and make projections for the next time you create an ad. Whatever information the backend gives you can tell you exactly how many people are likely to sign up to your offer and how much money you will make!

How Many People do I Need on my List to Pre-Sell?

I recommend a minimum of 200 subscribers on your list before you pre-sell your course.

If you can get to 500… amazing!

Using a 2% industry standard conversion rate, with a list of 500 subscribers we would expect to see 10 sales.

However, usually with smaller lists there is higher engagement and trust. Those leads tend to be “hotter”. So it’s not uncommon to see a much higher conversion rate with smaller lists – anywhere from 5 to 25%!

What’s something on this list you’ve been doing to grow your list? I’d love to know more of your thoughts in the comments!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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