3 Ways To Name Your Signature Method Offer

Whether you offer a one-on-one services, group coaching, or a digital product, you’ll want to brand it to be as specifically tied as you possible. This way it’s easier to remember in addition to it supporting your marketing efforts!

Now, I want you to take it up a notch.

Go beyond just naming that main signature framework and also create some signature methods, concepts, or ideas that you teach within your program that you can also personally brand. Give that extra sense of catchiness and notoriety when it comes to your business.

Naming Your Signature Methods & Strategies:

Think about the strategies that you will teach inside the course.

Pull out 3-5 of the strategies or concepts you’ll be teaching in the course, and let’s brand them to YOU and your business.

The idea here is that you are taking the methods, or tactics you teach, and giving them a unique flare. It adds some mystery and intrigue for your ideal customer. Simply by giving these things a name, they want to know more.

Not only is this great for inside of your course, but when you go to sell your program and create marketing material, you are going to use these names too. You might choose one of them to teach in a webinar. You might talk about them on your sales page. You’ll become known for these unique approaches.

Memorable Method Formulas:

Now it’s your turn.


Use an aconym for your signature method. Either pull out the first word of the steps in that method or come up with some adjectives of what it is. Then see if you can come up with a catchy aconym to pull it together.


-The SOLD Method (“Sketch, Offer, Launch, Deliver” from Gemma Bonham-Carter)
-PLF (Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula”)
-WFA (Danielle Leslie’s “Work from Anywhere” promise she uses in her marketing)
-The S.C.A.L.E. Method (Caitlin Bacher)


Alliteration refers to when you repeat identical initial consonant sounds. This instantly makes your name catchy and memorable! Each word doesn’t have to start with the same letter, but there needs to be enough repetition that it flows.


-The 5k Freelancer Formula
-Follower to Fan (the name of Tyler McCall’s membership)
-Five Figure Flow (the name of Taylor Slango’s program)
-Slay Your Sales Pages (Amanda Genther’s mini-offer)
-The Money Mindset Method
-Copy Chat, Copy Confidence Society (Marisa Corcoran’s summit and group program)
-Blog to Biz Bootcamp
-Pitch for Profit (Erin Trafford)
-Build Without Burnout (Mallory Rowan)


With this option, the idea is that you want to give your method or strategy a name that doesn’t immediately make sense. It doesn’t give it all away, instead it makes you want to know more. It peaks interest.


-The Cosmo Effect
-The International Man of Mystery Method
(both of those above pulled from Marisa Corcoran’s emails and subject lines)
-The Hybrid Marketing Method (my own)
-The Bucket System (my own)

The goal? We want your ideal customers to feel like this about your offer.

Is there a signature name for your product that you are proud of? I’d love to know more in the comments!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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