How To Use A Facebook Group To Make More Money

Facebook GroupIf you use a Free Facebook Group to engage with your audience, then make sure you are using it to the fullest to get those people onto your list and into your funnel.

Create a “Welcome Post”:

The goal with a welcome post is to:

  • Welcome new members
  • Encourage them to take an action (download your lead magnet, introduce themselves, etc)
  • Make sure they know who the host is. One of the worst things you can see is someone asking: “Who’s group is this anyways?”

Create a welcome post that you pin to the top of your group so people see it as soon as they’re admitted. In the welcome post, introduce yourself, who the group is for (you can include information you already have in the group description), and the action you want them to take.

If you put your lead magnet or masterclass, make sure you pull some copy from the landing page to showcase value and get them to actually click the link. And finally, include a mockup image so the post really catches their eye.

Here’s an example:


Use Live Videos:

Similar to showing up live on your Facebook Business page, going live inside of your group allows your audience to connect with you and ask questions. BUT, showing up in your free Facebook group is a little bit different than showing up on your business page because they’ve actually shown interest in you by joining your group!

This means that they are a little bit more engaged and potentially more like to click on your content.


If you don’t want to go live in multiple places, go live in your Facebook group (since this audience is potentially more interested in your offer) and post it to your business page afterwards. 

Do you still need a live video outline when doing video in your Facebook group? You sure do!!

  • Ask yourself these key questions before you go live:
  • What is the goal of this live video?
  • What do I want my audience to learn by the end of the video?
  • What will I say in my intro?
  • What are the key points I want to talk about?
  • How will I end the video?


Most people won’t stay until the end of the video. Therefore, mention your lead magnet at multiple points in the video. Mention it after your intro, once during your teaching material, and then at the end. By doing this, you’re catching people as they pop in and out of the video at various points.

Insert your lead magnet link in your threads:

Posting threads inside of Facebook groups is a great way to increase engagement AND, by default, get more eyes on your lead magnet.

What are threads?

Threads are typically posts that give your group members the opportunity to share theire social links, website, showcase their services, etc. Essentailly, it’s when you allow then to do a bit of self-promo. This often means that these posts are the most engaged with.

Here are some examples of threads from other groups:

With these kinds of posts getting as much traffic as they do, it’s important that you link your lead magnet in the caption of the post. We want to make sure that everyone who comes into your group downloads your lead magnet!!

Some ideas for threads could be:

  • Showcasing their services
  • Exchanging services, lead magnets, etc
  • Sharing one social link
  • Feedback needed

Use “required questions” in order to join:

Have “questions” that people need to answer before they join your group so you can get to know your audience, gather email addresses, etc.

The goal with these questions should be to make sure that you’re capturing everyone’s email address as they request to join. Don’t panic if you don’t ALWAYS get the email addresses because you have the welcome post and the thread content to capture whoever you missed. 

Some ways that you can use these questions to gather email addresses include:

  1. Use one of the questions to say “It’s a requirement that you subscribe to our email list to be a member inside this group. Please do so here (insert URL) and then type YES in the box below to let us know you’ve joined.” Make sure to add in the URL for your main opt-in page so that they sign themselves up to your email list.
  2. You can also say that it’s a requirement that they be subscribed to your email list in order to join the FB group, and therefore please leave your email address here. They will enter it in the box and then you need to manually enter that email address into your email provider service.
  3. Tell them that all new members are emailed resources to help them do (insert whatever it is that you help your audience with) so they need to put their email address in the field below. This will allow you to lead with value and start sending them content!

These are the questions that everyone MUST answer in order to be admitted into my free Facebook group:


If someone doesn’t answer ALL the questions, decline their request. You want your group to be filled with SERIOUS people. If they can’t answer a couple questions, then chances are they won’t engage in the group anyways. Be strict about this!

Have you been using / been a part of a Facebook Group that’s been monetizing? I’d love to know more of your thoughts in the comments!

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