How To Create And Attract Clients For Your Next Launch


Now that you have your offers and even a funnel built out,  in order to consistently grow your business and your revenue you need to bring new leads onto your email list. The idea is that you want your audience to be forever in a state of growth.

I like to call this your “Audience Attraction System”.

And at the core of your audience attraction system, is growing your email list.

Yep, social media following counts are great. But ultimately we KNOW that having an engaged list on our email (something we OWN) can radically transform our revenue.

I love knowing that I have tens of thousands of people on my email list and know that if I needed to make revenue TODAY, I could put out an offer and get buyers. It’s a safety net.

Growing an email list of engaged “superfans” is your golden ticket to a profitable business.

So, how can you grow an engaged list?

The basic idea:

  1. Take your signature lead magnet (this might be your evergreen webinar or maybe a PDF/freebie/quiz)
  2. Get that lead magnet in front of people (the more, the better)
  3. They go through your funnel and either buy or don’t buy
  4. Continue to nurture your email list with weekly emails
  5. Make offers live throughout the year (live launches, affiliate campaigns, etc) to monetize your list

When we talk about creating your Attraction System, there is a 4-pillar approach:

  1. Evergreen Content Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Collaborations + Visibility
  4. Paid Marketing

It’s really important to watch the video in the first lesson of this module to understand these four pillars and how to build out your own Attraction System, utilizing the right pillars for your business model.


In this section we talk about MANY different ways to build your list. You do NOT need to use all of these! Please make sure to watch the first lesson on your Attraction System to get the big picture, and then pick and choose the lessons in this module that apply to your chosen system.

Create Your Attraction System

What is an “Attraction System”? 

The idea is that you want to create a flow of new leads into your business and onto your email list consistently.

4 Pillars of an Attraction System:

In order to create a sustainable, long-term strategy to fill your funnel, build your email list, and ultimately grow your business, there are 4 main pillars you want to implement.

Evergreen Content Marketing:

This refers to creating everlasting content that will stand the test of time, never expire, and continue to generate traffic and leads for you.


  1. Blog articles
  2. Youtube videos
  3. Podcast episodes

You can also layer Pinterest in here to make your evergreen content go much further. Pinterest can be an amazing traffic driver to your evergreen content. It should be paired up with any of the above content type options for maximum effectiveness.

Social Media Marketing:

This refers to using a social media platform to grow an audience and ultimately drive those followers to sign up for your email list and enter your evergreen funnel. 

Usually people will put all of their eggs into this basket and spend way too much time on the various platforms. But too often the results are slow, entrepreneurs get discouraged, and then give up. This is why it’s important to have the other 3 pillars in your attraction system AND to stay focused on showing up on just ONE social media platform really well.


  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook (Page or Group)
  3. LinkedIn
  4. TikTok
  5. Other

Collaborations + Visibility:

This is where you leverage other people’s audiences to grow your own. 


  1. Get on podcasts.
  2. Do free trainings for people’s communities.
  3. Speak at online summits.
  4. Lead magnet swap.
  5. Joint venture webinar.
  6. Joint sale or promotion.
  7. In-person speaking events.

There are an endless way to partner with people and get visible. This is an often-forgotten pillar and yet can sometimes be the MOST effective from a speed and cost perspective.

Paid Marketing:

Ahhh, paid ads! This is where you run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, YouTube, or the platform of your choice.

The caveat here – don’t rush into this! You need to have tested your offer on your warm, organic audience first to make sure it converts before spending money on ads. Ads aren’t a band-aid solution that will fix a bad offer.

But they can be amazing at pouring fuel on the fire of something that’s working! This is the best way to scale (and fast).


Do NOT try to do these all at once. Do NOT get on all the social media platforms. Do NOT aim to put out a blog post and podcast and YouTube video and be in all the places.

It’s important that you choose 1 from each pillar, as you get started.

  1. 1 Evergreen content type
  2. 1 Social Media platform
  3. 1 Type of collab that you start pitching 
  4. 1 Avenue for paid marketing (**only once you have a proven, converting offer)

If you try to bite off more than you can chew, you won’t do any well and will be left feeling overwhelmed.

I’m not going to tell you that there is only one way to create your attraction system. The content types and platforms you choose depend on your personality, strengths, and interest. Watch this foundational lesson and then pick and choose the subsequent lessons in this module that make sense for you.

What is a trick you’ve been using to grow awareness to your offers? I’d love to know more in the comments!

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