10 Ways to Make $10k (As A Course Creator)

There are a lot of ways to make $10,000 as a digital entrepreneur. But especially as a creator.

I’m not asking you to price your course at this point, but I do want you to start to have a sense of the ballpark you want your course to land in.

Often we self-sabotage our efforts by undervaluing our work or feeling nervous to price our program at what it truly should be priced at.

​​​However once you look at the numbers and really see the difference between pricing your course at $197 or $497 or $997, it will encourage you to create a more premium program.

At low price points, you need to play a big volume game. You need to have a lot of subscribers to hit that $10k.

However, at the higher price points, you could have a list of less than 1000 subscribers and still make $10k. 

10 Ways Of Making $10,000:
Price of Offer / Number of Students Required to Purchase to Hit $10k / Number of Email Subscribers Required

  1. $47 Offer → 213 students need to purchase → 10,650 email subscribers required
  2. $97 Offer → 104 students need to purchase → 5200 email subscribers required
  3. $197 Offer → 50 students need to purchase → 2500 email subscribers required
  4. $397 Offer → 22 students need to purchase → 1100 email subscribers required
  5. $497 Offer → 20 students need to purchase → 1000 email subscribers required
  6. $697 Offer → 15 students need to purchase → 750 email subscribers required
  7. $997 Offer → 10 students need to purchase → 500 email subscribers required
  8. $1,497 Offer → 7 students need to purchase → 350 email subscribers required
  9. $1,997 Offer → 5 students need to purchase → 250 email subscribers required
  10. $5,000 Offer→ 2 students need to purchase → 100 email subscribers required

*The number of email subscribers required is based on industry standard 2% conversion rate. A 2% conversion rate would mean that for every 100 subscribers, 2 purchase. You cannot assume that a lower priced product will mean a higher conversion rate – industry trends have never shown that to be true.

Are you currently in the middle, beginning, or end stages of creating your course? I’d love to know more of your thoughts in the comments!

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