7 Questions To Answer When Creating An Irresistible Offer

The answers to these 7 questions will give you tons of clarity around your offer. This will become the foundation of your program and serve to help you write your sales page and promotional material. Do not skip this! 

#1: Who is your target audience?

Knowing your target audience is imperative, because the more you niche down the more it feels like you’re reading these people’s minds. Sometimes it can be a past version of ourselves that we’re trying to help. Just look back and think what you were trying to solve and who would benefit from it!

#2: What problem are you solving for them with your offer?

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly engineering solutions for what people are missing in their lives. Sometimes it can be crossing the bridge to an important issue they’re facing. Other times it may be a simple addition to people’s routine that greatly enhances their lives.

#3: What are people currently doing to solve that problem (to “fix” that pain point in their life)?

No matter how you put it, you are responsible for your customer’s well being. With this said, you are being irresponsible to not help them, holding them back from possibly creating catharsis to their woes. You have to let your audience know this. They cannot live without what you sell and nothing is more important to them than transforming their situation into a game-changing alternative new outlook.

#4: What’s wrong with that way of solving their problem? What’s missing from their current strategy?

Sometimes there may be a something completely wrong, or just a tiny tweak in something someone is doing that could prevent a massive domino effect of other issues. Show people all the possible situations and details of how their life would look like using your offer. You don’t have to share all the features–people don’t care about that until much later. They first want to know what results they can get from what you provide.

#5: How is your offer different? What’s unique about your approach? What makes you, as the teacher, different from what’s already out there?  

Show what your customer’s potential outlook on life would be through your lenses. Pitch them with your perspective and what issues you faced that were solved from what you’re presenting them.

#6: What is a potential customer going to say to counter your offer when you present it to them? What will their main objections be?

This is the perfect time for a list of FAQs to be answered. Give the controversial problem-solving answer to their burning questions. Turn your pitch around on them and show them they’ve been looking at this all wrong by busting their myths with results and scenarios they may have faced before. They won’t get that here with you.

#7: What might stop your customer from having success with your offer? What are the obstacles to them achieving the result they want?

The truth is, sometimes it’s not an offer that makes the person fail. At times it can just be the individual not absorbing or understanding fully what you put out there. And that’s totally ok!

Never let them know this, just ask [around] directly what their main issues are or to poke holes in what you have to say so you can tailor all the solutions to what they are currently facing. It’s not about you and there are moments we have to pivot, go back, and refine what we already have.

What are some key takeaways you received from reading this? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments!

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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