The New Skin Tone Range Feature On Pinterest Explained

More inclusivity on the worldwide web coming your way


Pinterest is expanding its skin tone range feature to thirteen additional countries including France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. 

The New Skin Tone Range Feature On Pinterest Explained by Gia Dixon

What is the skin tone range feature?

It’s a fantastic tool which allows Pinners to refine their beauty-related searches based on a set of skin tone ranges. With more than 80 million Pinners searching for beauty ideas over the past month, Pinterest wants to continue making it easy for Pinners to discover beauty inspiration that is personalised and relevant to them individually. 

Over the past year, Pinterest saw a 5x increase in Pinners using the skin tone range feature to discover beauty ideas on Pinterest, continuing to prove they have a globally inclusive platform where you can see YOURSELF represented.

Excited to use this new feature on Pinterest? What are some ways you have thought of using this? I’d love to know more in the comments.

The New Skin Tone Range Feature On Pinterest Explained by Gia Dixon

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