3 Steps To Establish Your Brand On Pinterest

Pinterest branding is not quite as simple as just heading over to the platform, finding your favorite logo, or the trendiest color palette. Instead, it’s about coming across to your audience in a way that feels like YOU and attracts them to click the ‘buy’ button.

Lucky for you, I have a proven 3-step method to nailing your brand vision so you could do just that.

3 easy steps to pinterest branding by gia dixon

1. Do a brain dump of the 3 hot topics every business owner needs to be clear on.

Spend 5 minutes writing down everything that comes to mind for these 3 subjects:

  • Who is your dream client?
  • What solution does your business bring to them?
  • What makes you (as a person, not a business) unique?
pinteret branding by gia dixon

2. Highlight / circle / underline anything that stands out.

Look back at everything you managed to scribble down in the last step. What stands out? What do you want to make sure comes through in your branding? Any a-ha moments?

After you highlight / circle / underline a few things, choose ONE ponit per topic to move onto step 2 with…

3 ways to establish a brand on pinterest by gia dixon

3. Brainstorm some visuals.

Looking at the 3 stand-out points from the last step, it’s time to think about what visuals come to mind. It can be a certain scene in nature, a place you’ve traveled, a certain color, an illustrated object, a logo you’ve seen in the wild, etc. The opportunities are endless!

Feel free to go back and repeat this step for any other a-ha moments that came up in step 2. Once you have some ideas for all of your topics, you have enough to start pulling inspiration on Pinterest that is actually relevant to your business.

Finding what inspires you is one of the most important steps in creating a brand that builds trust and credibility with your dream customers.

3 ways to brand on pinterest by gia dixon

I challenge you to reflect on your dream client, your solution, and what makes you unique and ask yourself, “A I coming across in a way that feels true to me?”

If the answer is a “YAS QUEEN”, it might be time to refine.

What is something you struggle with when it comes to Pinterest marketing or branding? I’d love to know more in the comments.

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